A leather case and a clear has have a baby and out comes the Nomad Clear Folio Case for the iPhone X – yeah, it’s an interracial case.

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Let’s not beat around the bush,…


  1. tried to reach Nomad in few different ways but received no response from them. That to me is a read flag issue with customer service.

  2. Bought this guy since I previously have gone with otter box symmetry clear cases and I saw the saddle brown leather in store but felt it was far too thin and wanting that full clear back for my silver iPhone X plus the leather is gonna look damn fine

  3. I hated this case back scratches an the front feels so cheap idk it just felt weird an like it would tear off

  4. Love your videos man. Id like to see someone use the Love Mei case. Shockingly, I haven't seen a video of the case! Hope you see this comment and make a video bro!

  5. Please release more videos for the 8 Plus.. I know it’s not a phone that will be bought from a lot of people but I am going to buy it next month and I need to see which are the best cases!

  6. Do a review on Carved LIVE cases for the iphone X, if you can get your hands on one. Their mad beautiful

  7. I wish they would use another material. I know some faux leather materials are shit, but Mycoworks leather looks promising, and the «leather» Mat & Nat uses in their products could fool almost anyone. I love the editing and the case design, though 😀 Great job as usual!

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