Whether you’re looking for a clear case or a waterproof case for your iPhone X, Ghostek has a whole lineup to show off the beauty of your new iPhone X.

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Covert 2 –
Cloak 3 –
Exec 2 -…


  1. Hey bro, don't let this get in your way, but I skipped your attempt to be funny with you "aluminium" struggle.

  2. You need way more subs. For the quality of videos you make! Keep up the good work bro ?

  3. Lmao I like how he drop the phone and feels it so roughly then hit it XD it’s so funny to me

  4. Dude your edition is amazing, never seen phone cases reviews like yours i enjoy them, this is the 3rd video i watched by the way.

  5. For the card case, can you take off the card holder? It looks sick but I don’t need a card holder ??

  6. Can you please do in depth review of nautical 2. Best reviewer so far. Keep of the vids. P.s. first youtuber I’ve added on notifications. “Kuddos” john.

  7. can never understand why people say x and not 10 its not like the other iphones wernt numbered

  8. They updated the nautical to include a cut out for the Flash and camera that separates the two.

  9. Dude have you peeped the “speck presido *sport case”? It’s only at Best Buy and it’s like an insanely better version of the Apple silicone case. And it keeps that soft feeling for a while.

  10. Love this channel! I've purchased 3 cases based off of your reviews and they've saved my phone! Keep up the work!

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