Apple Cancels iPhone X? This week we walk about some the rumors of Apple canceling the iPhone X due to alleged poor sales, we take a look at the SmartHalo Bike alarm and GPS unit, and go over all the features of the upcoming Apple HomePod smart speaker – all this and more on this week’s Geared Up!

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iPhone X Review:…


  1. Hahaha the end with the debate about of the flamethrower! I'm sorry not being for the live version back then.

  2. iphone X wasnt meant be iphone 10. just X — something like the ultimate iphone. so there souldnt be an iphone 11

  3. It’s selling like a mofo they are just refining it to be competitive for next year and it will be a year old anyway

  4. Lol *vehement Apple haters*. Literally everyone on the internet who owns an android even ppl who use $30 android food stamp phones

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