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iPhone 8 launch date, specs and price – Everything will be revealed Soon. iPhone 8: Full Details, Photos are Coming on September 12. Subscribe now for What You Should Know About Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 8. Enjoy this trailer and share with your friends.

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  1. Still prefer samsung, however I do like that finally iPhone will update their screen because it has been long over due. It'll create more competition. However the traffic lights and the cut out for the face camera just don't look good in my opinion and the fact I hate iOS.

  2. People say iPhone 8 is ugly, and all that crap: Can we first fucking wait until Apple actually announce the phone?

  3. Can you try a 3 a.m. challenge with Google and Siri and Alexa and upload that video

  4. It’s cute how the service bars are dots when I have iOS 11 beta 9 and the service bar, is bars!!!! Do you’re research people

  5. Apple phones are shot because there so restricted with everything such as downloading apps, sending things with Bluetooth and all so I prefer android so I don't have to pay for something I can get for free

  6. With all the info out already about iPhone8 you still can't get facts right and make a decent video. You're probably an Android user

  7. They have the antenna wrapping around the phone on the back like the current phone lol! There is no need for that with a glass back.

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