Lots of debate weather the iPhone X or the Galaxy S8 display is better. So lets put them to the test once again, this time in brightness and viewing angles

Displaymate’s Conclusion:

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  1. Took everyone's comment into consideration and redid the tests off camera with all features mentioned — Blue Light filter, Battery modes. I still stand by the video, portraying everything correctly. Thumb this comment up for an on-camera re-test

  2. Guys!! Why are you arguing? Just remember that both displays has been made by "Samsung" 😀

  3. What a dumb!!!! You are in powersaving mode on S8 which significantly lower display brightness and quality…Please pull out plug of your channel as you are not eligible for running such a tech channel…

  4. The iPhone X display is a Super Retina display designed by Apple, not Samsung. Although sourced by Samsung.
    It features:
    -True Tone Technology
    -3D Touch (with a Taptic Engine)
    -HDR10 AND Dolby Vision
    -Best colour accuracy on any OLED display
    -Best colour management system
    -Brightest OLED.
    -Highest Full Screen Contrast Ratio
    -Lowest Screen Reflectance
    -Smallest brightness variation with viewing angle changes. 
    -Awarded the best display of the year consumer (https://www.imore.com/iphone-x-ipad-pro-win-display-year-awards)
    Things that Samsung still fail to achieve.
    It was engineered, designed and calibrated by Apple which was manufactured through Samsung’s machines. Apple even says they engineer their own display on their website, https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208191

    And yeah, there was a reason why the iPhone X was rated the best smartphone display when it came out ahead of Note8. There is a reason why Samsung had to increase the brightness of the S9.

    Ask yourself this.
    Does it make sense for Samsung to ‘design, make and calibrate’ a superior OLED panel that surpasses their Super AMOLED display. The answer is no.

  5. My girlfriend has an iPhone 10 and for some reason her maximum brightness is only half of my S8. Her phone is very dim could this be a defect?

  6. The s8 is not at its top display quality you can turn on performance mode which makes it brighter and higher resolution

  7. Settings—General—accessibility—display accommodations——turn off reduce white point. iPhone X brightness MAXED OUT!!

  8. This guy here has the S8 running on power saving mode ?? Are you serious ??

  9. I dont understand why you keep saying Note 8 when the title says S8. Thumbs down for confusing video.

  10. Lol Power saving mode is ON on the S8, obviously the display is not showing its true potential ?

  11. Worst reviewer ever! Before rushing to upload misleading reviews, make sure your comparison is as fair as it can be. Turn off power saving mode on the Galaxy S8!!! I am surprised how dull your galaxy s8 looks while my Galaxy s8 has outstanding display performance and brightness.

  12. Trash video, the youtuber doesn't even know what he's doing, don't make a "tech" video.

  13. Don't forgot…that samsung make this amoled display….apple boy…first turn off power saving on s8…you stupid..

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