Apple says "arrive early" for iPhone X, new Uber driver charges (Tech Today)

Today’s major tech headlines include Apple’s “arrive early” advice for those planning on buying an iPhone X in store, Uber’s introduction of new charges drivers can assess and Vimeo’s launch of the Mevo Plus livestreaming camera.
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  1. Since the epic fail of iphone8 release they just wanna hype it up for X. C'mon Apple! Be a bit more sophisticated than this. Sad to see but the fall of one of my favorite company (not permanently…I'm sure they gonna recover, but not this year)

  2. Piece of garbage it’s not the iPhone used to be a iPhone lol And has the same thing what iPhone 7 have only LED screen which it’s not even iPhone screen it’s Samsung screens and a lot of brands has long time ago , I thought is going to come out something special like 24 megapixel camera rear in the front maybe 16-18 megapixel with the one terabyte G something super iPhone lol Instead came piece of crap 🙁 what’s the Point big and fat it’s better to be a tiny muscle the company When they’re big and fat they can’t think anymore lol

  3. ‪Only dead people can buy the X feature notch & unnecessary Animoji of iMessage app.gonna pick up the 8+ to replace SE.‬

  4. Please everyone, please don't buy this phone.

    Because I want it on launch day. Get out of my way.

  5. Definitely won’t be using Uber anymore. They just gave drivers the ability to scam their customers. Uber really is the scum of society.

  6. Apple is not getting the lines like they used to, so now they are limiting units so they can get the lines back. It’s best to skip the first batch anyways… look at the problems with the 8 they’re having.

  7. Walk in stock 5 per store per day. Apple just wants lines at there stores, isheeps army beware!!!

  8. Apple is in big trouble. There stocks are dropping and the iphone 8 did worse than the 7.

  9. With all the disastrous Pixel 2 issues constantly being reported Apple sure did time the iPhone X release just right, especially for all those android users getting ready to finally switch. ??

  10. So if the X’s are going to be available in stores on launch day, does that mean I’m basically guaranteed to get one at pre order?

  11. Should I camp out using a dialysis machine cuz I maybe will sell my kidney

    It is a joke


  13. i don't know why all apple haters gather on one place and say one thing "don't buy iphone its bad". People know where to spend their money and not on your choice, so be mature.

  14. apple has had poor turn out for their BS phone releases…. so now they're just trying to get people emotional, rather than letting it happen naturally, they're actually telling people to camp out.

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