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Special thanks to Baseus for providing the cable.

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Baseus USB C to Lightning Cable:

(Update: 6/01/18 this cable doesn’t fully support fast charging but comes close and by the side by side comparison with apple USB c cable it gets the job done. Just try to always unplug if once full change just to be safe. But as of now my cable still works working fine but The again I just leave it set always in one place…


  1. thanks for this video, i purchase a couple of these cables 😉

  2. heat destroys lithium batteries but very cold temperatures equally destroy them as well, dont put ice on your phone bro..lithiu batteries must be kept at room temperature

  3. I've been using Baseus screenprotectors for a long time now, one of the best ones out there. Maybe you can try that out sometime?

  4. Fat charging is not real. IPhone can only take 12watts period. You're not going to get more. Best you're going to get is ipad charger. Other than that you're wasting your money

  5. Thank you for the review! Keep reviewing the little stuff the big channels overlook!

  6. @Hotshot you have not been fastcharging your phones, you do use an Amperemeter and we can all clearly see that it never goes beyond 1.6A @5V, it's mostly around 1.3-1.4 which is just typically charging like all other cables with at least an 2A charger.

    What happened, at least the Apple cable should have fast charged?

  7. Bro, I would like to know more from you if you don't mind..
    I really excited about this video (time 1:10)..
    1. What is the type or the brand of that charger adapter?
    2. How much the Watt does it have?
    3. What kind of adapter is it, a normal or a fast charger adapter?
    4. Is it safe to use the adapter for an iPhone X battery?

    I'm trully waiting for your information and your help..
    Thank you bro..

  8. I have never broken a Apple cable. If you aren’t unreasonable of them, they’re excellent.

  9. This cable is ~$17 vs Apple’s $19. Also, the Apple cable has a warranty and a store you can go to. It supports fast charging the iPad & the phone. Reviews are hit or miss on if it sort of works.

  10. Baseus makes some high quality Chinese cables for it not being MFi

    Their normal cables feel pretty high quality

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  12. What Aolt and Amps You archoved at the begining of charging ? its was around 5 V all the time ? Video is not sharp enough

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