Fotopro Flexible Tripod, 12″ Phone Camera Tripod with Smartphone Mount and Bluetooth Remote Shutter, 360 Ball Head Gorilla Tripod for iPhone X, Samsung, Huawei
Fotopro Flexible Tripod on Amazon?:

Looking for a new universal flexible tripod? In this unboxing and review we test the Fotopro UFO 2 PURE. This flexible tripod features a flexible design that allows it to work almost anywhere, includes a wireless bluetooth shudder remote and compatibility with nearly all…


  1. Great review you really showed the product, love the bag as the UFO2 is sold with one and I had to find ways to carry mine… ziplock bag and ended up losing my tripod as it had no carry case before my trip was over ????. Now I have to buy another one. It sucks as I only got 2 weeks use out of it

  2. Why in the world would they make this tripod that would be used outdoors in all kinds of dirty places white???? whose bright idea was that? That is so stupid. The clip for cell phone is better than the UFO2 but man making it white is just plain dumb… if tou wanna try other colors… navy, brown some other realistic colors but white…wow

  3. Great reviews, the only issue I have from not buying it is because only come in white.

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