Buying a new Phone? Watch these tips!

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Today, I collaborated with other Tech Youtubers to find out what they considered to be the most important features a phone must have before they finally settle on the phone to buy.

We share what we consider to…


  1. Sumsung A6 plus
    When buying a phone i always check the battery first because i do alot on my phone expecially reading my slides and sometimes type my assignment using "word" on my phone . Secondly the camera, i make sure i buy a phone with a good camera to take good pictures ? and lastly the storage , apps are much bigger these days, and pictures and other documents can take a lot of space .(i always face this problem tho, always deleting of pics and documents which are vital to me)

  2. I looked out for storage(RAM), camera and battery. These are three things I normally check out when buying a new phone.

  3. Yeah the storage is very important as well as the battery
    We love taking pictures so we need to check out for the camera quality

  4. i was about to write my thought some then i saw myself in the video lol??????

  5. Storage is most important to me. Cos I hate to delete my stuf especially when they are really important. The Battery capacity is next imagine if you are using your phone for work and it has to go off ?????. Picture quality di333 well it's ok. But Cyber which one is a sexy phone?

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