This is Caseology’s line of iPhone X cases, covering the slim to the tough. Their Vault series is a one piece flexible TPU design for the simplistic approach. The Skyfall for anyone that likes to show off with the clear back. My favorite, the Apex for it’s soft grip and geometric design. The Parallax is very similar to the Apex, except with a slightly different design around back and rubber grip on the edges instead. Finally, their tough option, the Legion for anyone that drops their phone…


  1. gahh is there a single drop test of this case that isn't sponsored? I'm thinking of getting this but I want to make sure the case is actually protective

  2. Dude you make real fun videos. Really entertaining and informative but don’t drop your phone so much dude. It’s a 1000$$$

  3. This probably was the most funny yet professional review of phone cases I have witnessed to date.
    I like your style good sir, here take my sub. <3

  4. Would you recommend a screen cover with these cases? Is the lip large enough to handle one? Thanks for great reviews!

  5. like if you think he also runs the youtube channel howtobasic. i think he is the howtobasic guy because the actions are so similar!

  6. All cases with cutouts for apple logo are not precise, it is not centered, so dumb

  7. What I appreciate most about this channel is the amount of time you take to edit everything. Thank you for what you do!

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