CRACKED MY IPHONE X – How much did I pay to fix it???


This is a video explaining how I cracked my iphone X. It also goes over how much it cost me to fix the display.


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4. Blue Yeti…


  1. I will have to go through this but I have a warranty so hopefully it won't cost me much.

  2. this video reminds me about the feeling when i watch a video and i have something on my sceen and i just swipe it off, i really hate when there is something to block the full image D:

  3. HA…. you would think paying $1,000 would scare someone into protecting that asset. We own a car that we paid that much for! Let me tell you my sad story. I also purchased the iphone X. I'm a clutz but know I won't upgrade for at least 4 years. I just don't fall for the trade me the phone you paid $1,000 for and then pay me again for the newer model scam they play on millions of people yearly. Well knowing the clutz I am… I instantly purchased the best iphone X case I could find. One that had raised edge's so if it hit face 1st there was some coverage there too. I owned an otterbox previously and wished they had one for the X at the time of my purchase but no such luck. I also didn't want one of those tacky folding books with your wallet for the world to see everytime you make a call. So… endless youtube video's and many hours invested; I found something similar to the speck. Yet, better.
    Hides my credit cards, but I still have them on me. Take a look at it. The case is fantastic…. yet…. I still broke my screen when the phone slipped out of my hand in our garage and landed face down. Even the raised edge on the case didn't prevent the break.
    Tears… and now here comes the full on break down. Apple insurance expired the week prior… or so they say. Verizon insurance wanted $350. Fix it places wanted $250-325 to fix it. Thought I was saved by a cell phone protection plan we also have through our credit union on 3 accounts. Well… seem's no one will actually pay for the repair because I'm still sitting here with a cracked screen knowing I would be better off to just buy a new phone that will include another useless warranty. GRRRRRRR

  4. I got my iPhone XR one month ago, and it was great until school started, before I begin, I’m gonna tell you, before I got the phone i never dropped and cracked a phone before.. so the first time I dropped it st school, it got a miniature chip at the bottom, but today I was walking home and then started to fun with my friend, I had mb phone in my hand, it slipped and then I somehow STEPPED on it on the gravely road. It got a somewhat big scrape in the corner and I have to get a new screen protector, my mom didn’t see it yet so I’m scared she’ll yell at me, and just so you know, my family isn’t the richest so the phone was luck.. I’m now getting a new screen protected and a flip phone case so I don’t crack it again…. woops

  5. 4:17 Get a speck case as they cover all of your phone because the Apple ones leave the bottom exposed to falls and damage and spec cases are nice.

  6. Does it feel the same? Cause i got my iphone 7plus screen fixed before and it didn’t feel the same afyer but it wasn’t in an apple store

  7. Did you replace the screen and any problem occur after that,??? Pliss answer me

  8. Why would dropping the phone matter to him anyway, he has hundreds of the same phone lmao

  9. You had your 1 year warranty from she. You bought the phone so you could’ve got the Apple care price

  10. Dude I have the same now.. just seatching the net how to replace it…
    iphone xs 512gb dudee 😭
    The screen is 150$ now but am not sure if I can do it

  11. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve had my X since 10/2017 and opted out of buying the insurance because I never needed it when I had my 5S prior to the X. Anyway, I dropped my X the other day (from a couple feet) but it was enough to crack the left upper portion of the screen. The case I had on it obviously didn’t offer enough protection. I’m trying to figure out if I should have the screen fixed or just buy a new phone since I’ve been having issues hearing people when I talk on it anyway. I love my iPhones, but the X was not worth $1000.

  12. I just cracked my iPhone XR I haven’t told my parents but there gonna kill me fuckkk

  13. I have a question was your camera able to take regular pictures or was it broken?

  14. I just broke my iPhone XR and I really hope that I don’t have to get it done at the apple store🤦‍♀️😭

  15. I cracked the back of my iPhone XR on the road, is it possible to get the back fixed?

    Edit: Please comment down below if it's possible for the apple store to fix the back

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