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CRAZY iPhone X Unboxing – They Called the COPS! In this iPhone X unboxing I give you the story of my wait at the Apple Store Alderwood for the iPhone X. Unlike all the other line waits I’ve done for over 10 years, this one involved potential customers CALLING THE COPS on APPLE because they were so upset that there wouldn’t be any iPhone X in stock for them to buy. Rather than coming…


  1. As far i know iphone x hasn't been that populer at all as it was expected prior to it's launch… and now the situation has become so worse that apple has already cut off it's iphone x production by 50% and are about to completely stop it's production from may 2018 onwards.

  2. You can get any phone for $200 with a contract I've always gotten all my phones for $200 with a two-year contract

  3. That's why I don't go to the Apple Store I just wait till it's out and then I go to like Walmart or Target or something like that or even Best Buy Best Buy's the best

  4. They probably already had flights out for their mule so if they didn’t deliver it was a bad business day. I agree with you what a waste of resources. Their should be a mechanism for charging them for making a false report or something.

  5. At retail price…lol. Most of us pay retail, maybe you meant wholesale?…LMAO.

  6. These are bunch entitled mofo wasting city resources, seriously wtf! police are for emergency only!

  7. The thirst is REAL!!! That phone isn't even all that. In my opinion, the Pixel XL 2 is better!

  8. Andru Awesome Review.Look forward to seeing more.Talk about pressure.Glad you are ok and everything is good.Thanks for sharing.Deb?✌️?

  9. He complaining about not being able to purchase as a walk-in not pre order. Pretty sure he is not even getting it for himself but to resell it. O well should have pre ordered!

  10. Being honest I enjoyed more the story than the unboxing, that was funny, weird and indeed entertainment, hahaha

  11. If you're ever asked for a home phone, tell them (605) 475 – 6968

  12. Dude, I am just seeing this now. I have absolutely no regrets going at 9am when there was pretty much no one in the store. I was in and out in 5 minutes. haha

  13. Before you even showed the video I knew he was Asian you know why? This is what they do in Asia … the police are like their parents… they call them for everything…. that is what happens in communist China

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