DJI Osmo Mobile V.S iPhone X FULL REVIEW PART 2

A full review of the DJI Osmo Mobile paired with the iPhone X, from studying build quality to transferring videos from iphone on to your maC. Music by RW – Start it right, available to download from iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify


  1. Thank you Megane Vlogs. I thoroughly enjoyed the video. You are the first person I came across showing us the gimbal with iphone x camera app. Plus the extras: how to import videos into imac. You are every so helpful.

  2. Thumbs up! So since you’ve had the OSMO awhile now have you noticed any jitter or shakiness in the video? I’ve watched a lot of reviews and read comments in the DJI forum recently stating the newer iPhones especially the iPhone X have OIS optical image stabilization which can fight with the gimbal stabilization and cause warping or jitter in the video. Especially on longer shots when walking outdoors. Have you done any outdoor video and experienced that? I’m seriously thinking about buying the OSMO and I have the iPhone X.

  3. I have an iPhone X 256gb space grey and a dji osmo Mobile too, it’s really fun to play with !!

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