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*IMPORTANT: I take all of my photos in natural light with my iPhone X or with my Sony A5100! In this video I explain how I edit my Instagram photos on my phone with light, airy tones & rich colors, without using Photoshop or Lightroom.

PLEASE NOTE: You are worth so much more than an aesthetic Instagram feed. REMEMBER not to let this consume you. Focus on honing your craft, the community you have and authentically sharing your work. It’s NEVER…


  1. Video on how you take your pictures or who takes your pictures? They’re always soo cute ??

  2. Hey Girl, just wanted to let you know I've followed you on insta for ages and this was the first video of yours I checked out. I LOVE IT! You're so stunning and your positive energy is so inspiring! Keep doing what your doing, because you are AMAZING xo

  3. I appreciate how authentic and transparent you are with this! And your love note about not letting aesthetics consume you is ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Ok sis…NOW, how do you edit your videos?? I know I know…we’re demanding! But the ppl need to know! Or at least I do! Thanks!!!

  5. Thanks so much!! This was really helpful and I’m so happy to know that you have a YouTube channel!! ✨?⚡️

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