EasySkinz iPhone X / XS / XS MAX / XR – INSTALL VIDEO

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“Adventures” by A Himitsu
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  1. When you remove the skin to add another does it leave any like marks or anything on the phone is it like sticky or anything I want to make sure like it doesn’t mess up the phone

  2. Damn it sucks because if the gaps. You can feel them and dust gets in between.

  3. ordered for s10- waste of money, if you gor edge / round corners and looks peace of shit

  4. I actually found this not to difficult to install providing you have patience don’t rush it and use a hairdryer

  5. I thought these were cases ? but there just stickers? iPhone X gang wya??

  6. How in the world am i gonna be able to precisely cut those hole's and Apple logo out???

  7. I really like mine was nervous at first about these comments but I got three and they are dope not a case but a skin cover keeps your phone from and scrapes and damage just not your screen so this and a screen protector working just fine for me my IPhone X Max is bright glossy red and cool af cause this iPhone was not made in Red.

  8. I really really wish I had watched this video before buying one. The fit is awful, I had a dbrand skin before and it was soooooooo much better. First of all it's just one piece so you cannot see the seams between the skin panels (which is a reason not to buy this in itself) and second you don't have to punch the holes yourself lol. What a ripoff.

  9. Just got mine in the mail and these comments got me scared to even try and I ordered three??‍♂️

  10. Not worth it. Too flimsy too much work. Very difficult to get it precise. Bubbles appear and the sticker curls away at the edges. Just get a very good case.

  11. this is terrible!! Do not buy it, I bought it for iphone XR and on the top and the bottom of the iphone is impossible to aply ! It gets to a point that beacause of so many tries the skin gets without glue and poor finish. I do not recommend

  12. Need an art degree to get the bloody thing on, the edges are ridiculous, a surgeon doesn’t have a hand steady enough to apply this.

  13. Too much work , I bought one and regretted it so bad lol first I thought it was a case but that’s my fault. Then seeing I gotta cut that shit just made me wanna kms

  14. Just did mine. Cutting those tiny pieces out and installing the top and bottoms took forever!

  15. Too many idiots saying this offers no protection. This is a skin not a case?

  16. Really wished I’d watched this vid before purchasing £14 stickers for my Xs max. Thought it was a bloody case that covered the entire phone. How they fuck is this even a thing?

  17. Not trying to hate, but this doesnt look protective at all. Is it supposed to be used instead of a case?

  18. Yeah that’s gonna be a no for me dog lolololol. Mad work for something that’s not gonna save my phone from a drop or scratch

  19. These things are a complete waste of money. The videos have been cleverly edited because these things look absolute shit once installed. The front and back panels are ok but the top and bottom stickers will not curve around the edges leaving the device looking terrible.


  20. I just ordered that but white. I really hope this is worth the price because I don’t wanna spend $50 on a skin from dbrand skin

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