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Hands-on with the iPhone X following Apple’s iPhone 8/iPhone X event. Follow 9to5Mac’s live blog for more details: Subscribe ►

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  1. Amazing phone!!!>>> Simply put…. Amazing !!! When the phone first came out I thought it was just a gadget and not worth the money. However after a week of using it, I can honestly say I was wrong. Love the full screen display, facial recognition and other new features. Great phone !!!

  2. And screenshot is made by pressing up volume and the shut down button im not sure is up volume or down

  3. Seems great, till you're mugged and all they need to do is wave it in your face to unlock it…

  4. How to unlock it while driving ? or if I want to check it while not lifting it from the table?

  5. am i the only human being who notice the gesture based navigation on the iphone x is a direct copy of blackberry10 os??????

  6. “I’m not supposed to be camera. Focus on the device”

    *proceeds to show herself on the device through the phones camera*


  7. as an apple fan, still today (barely) BUT, there is no way you should buy a phone device for that price! it's not impressive at all, not inviting, it should be the same price as the iphone SE, unless the X does something beyond amazing like a mini projector & no longer need of the loop or tv,  very disappointing how apple has and is becoming these days, it's scary too

  8. am not iphone fan, all u people here blaming apple, saying the phone is ugly bla bla bla, u all will buy iPhone 10. The truth is top sexy class phone, what more u people want. £1000 is expensive phone and not for everyone. First iphone for me will be iphone 10,writing from xperia xz, always had latest Sony, very happy, but i will go with apple this time, and iphone 10.

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