Flipkart Billion Capture+, iPhone X & a whole lot of MILO – #AshAnswers 75

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The 75th episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 75.

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Questions & Timestamps
00:26 Brands leaning towards stock Android
01:08 Did Sundar let you drive Jaguar
01:25 Alternative for Redmi 4
01:48 Picture quality of VU 75” 4K TV
02:41 Tier 1 brand phone out of the world battery life, decent performance,…


  1. Best Placements of fingerprint scanner based on my opinion,
    1. Side (Sony like) – Easy to access and even accessible when the phone on a table
    2. Back – Easy to access
    3. Front – Bad placement for large phones like 5.5+ inches phones

  2. Don't know how will Sony had implemented the side finger scanner… As per placement goes, I would like to see it in side at least in midrange full displays as the phones are enough thick to place a scanner.

  3. Airtel is getting into my nerves yet again with their my airtel app. The check to use my existing KYC to create a payments bank account is pre-checked and there is no way to stop that message from showing up the next time on. Once, I proceed accidentally, they create an account. What an unethical company!
    Can you please talk about this and other tecos in your next episode.

  4. Forget everything…out and out only one thing to enjoy..Ash's conversation to Milo. Amazing efforts dude to put small clips at proper places. I think u must have spent the most time in scripting and writing Milo's dialogs.

    Loved it!

  5. Guys please suggest 2 gtx 1060 in LDA/MDA would be better or 1 1080 as the price difference is almost more than 20k
    also which motherboard will be supporting this LDA/MDA if i use 2 GPU.
    Please reply..
    n also please make some reviews for pc stuff as there is none at this moment in india…

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