I Bought 10 Broken iPhone X's – But Are They Fixable?

I Bought 10 Broken iPhone X’s – But Are They Fixable? These 10 very broken iPhones were in a salvage lot I bought for $1,670. There was no way to know if most or all of them were iCloud locked so I didn’t buy them to make money – I bought them to get better at repair. For these phones I diagnosed dock issues, replaced screens and back cases, found logic board issues, programed True Tone, and tried to figure out why the touch screen didn’t work. Fortunately, even with my limited experience, I…


  1. Am an electronics technician myself and love having a go a fixing all types of tech,the internet is a valuable tool In this regard and especially YouTube has really helped when I find myself scratching my head!

  2. Phones are glued, they need to be sacrificed to the dumpster fire of history….. give me screws and replaceable batteries….

  3. A good fix for all of them is to throw them in the trash and buy a android…….chill out its just a joke. Feel free to say android cameras are Potato quality or something.

  4. Now you can see why people say apple devices are a pain in the butt to repair especially iPad minis

  5. TronicsFix: "I am not an iPhone technician."
    Also TronicsFix: Fixes them with ease

  6. The one with broken frame probably are dumb people trying to open champagne with their phones.
    Change my mind

  7. You should restore those no touch phones. That was a know issue with some iPhones, after a screen swap they sometime needs a restore.

  8. Steve there is a way to go around the the lock. You have grind down a few layer on the main chip on specific spot. It look s like you have all the equipment to do it. Check the site you mentioned. It looks easy if you have the equipment.

  9. Ok are these people throwing their phone against a moving train?!

  10. I have a broken iphone x that says "device unknown" after a restore. Think you'd be able to fix that? Lol

  11. how to people destroy such expensive phones…jeez I take better care of my 300 bucks android phone

  12. #2 is a defective DOCK THEY ARE NOTORIOUSLY PICKY! #10 needs a reball and jumpers most likely, #7 likely just needs a reball if not bent badly like the other. I'd love to fix them for you for cheap or would love to buy a donor board from you!?

  13. You can restart the whole phone and then its like new so no icloud locked

  14. I'm pretty sure the screen with the green line never had a working digitizer in the first place

  15. Why didn’t you try the wireless charging to power them up instead of jumping directly to changing the charging port?

  16. Love watching these types of fixing videos, great work! You should try other iPhones too, would be interesting to watch. Also, from where did you get that screen reprogrammer?

  17. Try a different battery with number 2!! bad batteries can make devices boot loop or shut down!!

  18. yeah you need to replace the entire frame to change out the back. you can fine after market ones for around 60

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