iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 – Comparison + Camera!

iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 – Full Comparison! iPhone X vs Note 8 and S8 soon, but the iPhone 8 Plus vs Note 8 Camera comparison, specs, and review are here! iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus review soon! ▶Check out Caudabe Cases: ▶Subscribe:

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  1. sorry iPhone 8 plus I had 2 of them both had charging problems im done apple needs to wake up there quality control team and there product design team same phone since iPhone 6 plus especially screen resolution 401 ppi really apple… Samsung s7 has a better screen AND BRING BACK THE HEADPHONE JACK !!!! SERIOUSLY !!!

  2. Iphone 7 or 7plus or 8 plus or 10 can not compare to samsung note 8 period. Note 8 is a different class of segment deal with it i have had iphones and samsung in my hand lately, in winter where temperature drops below -10 C, believe me or not iphone got stuck my friend couldnt even answer the call touch was freezing, also my other friend had 95% battery it just turned off, the other friend of mine in that temperature his iphone turned off at all and it doesnt want to turn on again, so we went to a coffee bar and drink a coffee so after it got warmed up it turned on. Man we never had those issues with samsung and do not even mention note 8 or 7 or 5. The NOTE is a beast on its way, it is the S-Class of Mercedes

  3. I'm using my s5 for almost 4 years and planning to upgrade to ios

  4. The thing with Apple is there phone are there perspective of art while android is your art so I would take the note 8. ??????

  5. That i like from Apple :

    1. Design
    2. Performance
    3. Cases Makers always make Apple case better than Android case even it same company
    4. Camera

    That what i like From android :

    1. It's android so we can freely doin anything like costomize, Cracking ???
    2. Accessories
    3. More smarter
    4. Features

    Just that…

  6. I would pick a note 8 over an iphone 8 plus/iphone x anyday. My only problem is that i LOVE the lifeproof fre for my iphone 7 plus. Wish samsung note 8 would come out with a lifeproof case

  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks good. But here’s why I am choosing the iPhone 8 plus.

    The iPhone 8 plus is cheaper, $950 for 256gb of storage, while the Note 8 is $960 for 64gb.
    Also, the Apple ecosystem is better, because I have an iPad, which is what I’m using, so it will work perfectly with it. Plus, Apple Watches are the best smart watches (My opinion) so it is nice that they work with iPhone.
    Also, I prefer the design, camera, and specs on the iPhone 8 plus.

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