iPhone X Camera Fixed! Blurry, Black, Fuzzy, Won't Focus, Error (Try This First!)

Try these 8 possible solutions first before you take your iPhone X apart or bring it into a repair shop.
If you are experiencing issues with your camera (front or back camera) such as blurry, out of focus, error, is black or some other problems make sure to try every step and if still no go try every step again 5 or 6 more times. Let me know which method or combo of method works for you.

Most of you will have a working camera after following the steps in this video.

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  1. Hi i want to ask. Why does my iphone 7 plus front camera wont focus on my face but focus on my surrounding? Plz help

  2. Thank you!! Tapping around and on the lens fixed it!! APPRECIATE YOUR HELP VERY MUCH!

  3. My iPhone 11 camera
    Is blurry, when I try to record vids you got to be some where with good Light in order to see the full 4k and the selfie camera sucks!

  4. can i contact you somehow about a camera problem that still exists?

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