The Encased lineup of cases are for those looking for an affordable option to cover up their iPhone X. The SlimShield is for those looking for scratch resistance. The Lexion adds a little more protection with air pockets and a 2 piece design. The Reveal is the Lexion with a clear back. The Scorpio offers a 2 piece design with a larger polycarbonate hard shell design. Finally, the Rebel is their tough option, with a full stiff hard shell wrapped around an inner rubber sleeve with air pockets…


  1. Lol how’re you gonna spend $1000 on a phone and then cheap out on the case da fuq

  2. Thanks for another very good video. I watch them all. Congrats for calling iPhone X iPhone 10 ??

  3. Can u do a review of the pitaka case. Its an ultra thin lightweight case made of aramid(kevlar)

  4. Love your vids and i was surprised about your subscribers as it should be 200 300k+ subs but now i realized you only review iPhone cases only!! We have to watch same stuff again and again here. Please review other brands as well. EverythingApplePro also unbox and review different brands.

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