Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Apple’s iPhone X and the crazy performance of the A11 Bionic chip. Then we talk about Face ID on the iPhone X and a couple of new tricks that Apple has shared. Andy Rubin and his Essential Phone follow as we hear more of the plan going forward for other markets and carriers. The pre-orders of the iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K are next. We end today’s show talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and its global launch.

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  1. LOL!!! So a simple iphone has a single thread performance of 4061 and according to Geekbench/Apple this is somehow comparable to the single thread performance of other things, such as an Android, a Laptop and even a Desktop/Server??

    So let's get this right… according to Geekbench, "4,061" suggests a faster single thread performance than the $400 CPUs used in gaming-rigs, such as:
    an AMD Ryzen 7 1700X @3.4GHz (8 cores) at 4,059
    an Intel Core i7-4790S @3.20GHz (4 cores) at 4,032

    … the "4,061" also suggests the single thread performance is also blowing the pants off the CPUs used in military grade supercomputers such as:
    an Intel Xeon E5-2690 v4 @2.6GHz (14 cores) at 3,647 as used in the Piz Daint SUPERCOMPUTER (3rd fastest globally)
    an Intel Xeon X5670 @2.9GHz (6 cores) at 2,638 as used in the $400m Tianhe-2 SUPERCOMPUTER (2nd fastest globally)

    So, if the iphone CPU is so great, why are gamers, laptop manufacturers, corporations like Amazon/Microsoft and most importantly, the military, wasting their time with huge, blazing hot, power hungry Intel/AMD CPUs??? Why not just sellotape 200,000 iphones together and use that to predict the war/people/weather??

  2. hey Jaime Rivera, I appreciate you guys still trying to keep up with what u stated of putting up these videos at 09:00 but you guys are failing and you now just making excuse after excuse. Please take back what you said because you ruining your reputation.

  3. OMG…..Sure! Right before you get robbed or mugged just go ahead and lock your iPhone because we are all Psychic….?

  4. How has Apple been leaders with their soc's? It's the first time in years they have a higher multicore score and they only just now started with hexacore and 10nm.

  5. MacBook pro are weak anyway. I use iPhone for the performance. Galaxies tend to slow down more over time

  6. These jerks are still selling high end phones with just one camera?!?!?! No hate, but I'm kinda…… surprised?

  7. Even if it's fast it's still just an iPhone. Apple hasn't figured out how to make use of that extra processing power. At least other companies have put in multi tasking and desktop mode like Samsung Microsoft et al

  8. Apple A chips are powerful, no doubt about that. It's the software limitations that are constantly keeping me with Android. Every year if you compare top tier Snapdragon with iPhone chip there is no difference in smoothness. However the options Android allows (e.g. file manager … i mean come on) and also the different design options constantly keep me on Android options.

  9. People need to be real, this is 2017. Smartphones have been a thing for basically ten years or more now. Benchmarks for phones are all going to be good anyhow and no one really needs MacBook processors inside a phone to play Candy Crush…. If you have the iPhone 6S/7 line there's no real reason to update unless ~15-20% better battery is really that necessary to you. Even though 90% of us have easy access to a charger even if we hate to admit it

  10. Actually the performance on iPhone 8 plus beats the performance on the iPhone 10 cz the iPhone 8 plus has to push less pixels on its LCD panel

  11. Iphone is always faster than matter how powerful the specs of the android is still lagging… we own both iphone and android and android is lagging as fucked.i test My wifes s8+ even just by swiping side to side its lagging. I played games in it install nba 2k17 the only setting that u can use to run it smooth is to use medium settings or low. Its lagging. Msf of the people who dont really know about hardware will think androids are fucking awesome bcoz of the specs but they are not optimized.they are just there for the specs period. Im a galaxy note user before or lets say android user but tge reason why i switch to apple is everyghing is optimized.interface is running background apps which is the problem for androids that is fuckjng up the ram. But the truth is most people only choose android because of its affordability.most of this users dont know about hardware and the major differences.

  12. Each year Apple comes up with the fastest chip for the next iPhone. But each have year the next iPhone is only a little bit faster then the next. So a fast as a computer? I call bullshit!!

  13. tbh I was going to get the note 8 but I have decided to get the iPhone 7 plus since the price has dropped by quite abit, apple is good at software iv been with android for a very long time, I will miss the freeform but it's boring now and I want a change of software

  14. It doesn't matter if your Casio calculator has Intel core i7 or some cheap low performance custom chipset…it is still a calculator….
    Ps: nothing to do with anything.

  15. Lol! Benchmarks mean shit! But pocketnow seems to be apple fanboys..

  16. Will u recommend to buy htc10 with snapdragon 652 processsor(lifestyle)…will it make any difference

  17. The new iPhone's are 100% faster i.e. twice as fast as nearest Android mobiles!!! That's crazy!!!!!

  18. They can put as much processing power they want but they couple it with ios which is frankly a waste.

  19. I wonder how much apple pays to Pocketnow to give us only a good information about apple products? iphone x sucks ass and everyone knows it, on't be stupid people, buy phone woth its price, apple's products are way overpriced and overrated.

  20. Nowhere near enough, as a matter of fact there is nothing Apple could do to make me use them, I wouldn't use an Apple products even if they were free. Waiting till Wednesday for my note8!!!

  21. I would buy an iPhone 8 plus if it ran android. Just want that chip. Lmao. Or dual boot. Imagine we one day buy phones like PC. We buy the device and download what we want on it. That's a dream ..

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