iPhone X Face ID Fail EXPLAINED!

Was Craig Federighi’s example of Face ID on the Apple X at the Keynote a Fail? NO! I explain why!

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  1. hahaha it Failed period.. it's not asking for the pass code at first.

  2. The message said that it takes a passcode to enable face id. You could be right in case the guy really entered the pass but we don't see that clearly

  3. apple claimes that the fail happened because other people were handling the phone but if that were true he would have been prompted to password unlock on his first attempt. it wasnt until his second failed attempt to use face id that he was prompted to use a password. so apples excuse is either a blunt lie or another fail.

  4. This video is a fail. That's for sure, no need to reboot this one. Keep it up, buddy! That's the best way to lose subs.

  5. No, it failed. Firstly, when you reset your iPhone, it literally went to password required. The iPhone displayed was on lock, meaning that it was already on. I know because I also have an iPhone.

    He had to wipe his face, showing that if your face isn't clean, it will not work. And watching the video closely, it was the same demo phone that unlocked after he wiped his face off.

  6. You are wrong. On his screen it wasnt say "on restart". It said "your password is required to enable face id". And the official explaination from apple is that some workers on stage looked at the phone few times not knowing that the phone is trying to recognize them. Thats why it required pass code. You can try open your iphone with a finger that is not synced with your phone few times and than put your registered finger and you will get the same massage exept the word "touch" instead of "face" !

  7. I can explain it: the message iPhone 10 displayed "your password is required to enable FaceID" which means that FaceID failed 5 times in a streak. Think about it. Craig tried to unlock it only 2 times so somebody was probably messing with the phone.

  8. OMG!!! It failed and you failed to convince me it didn't. If he wanted not to look stupid, he could have just entered the passcode, but the faceid failed.

  9. The only feature which wasn't already found in most Android phones and they can't even get that right, just about sums up their effort all round. I'm sure they'll still take it in though.

  10. No it's a fail. And those that bought such a phone failed to realize they paid too much.

  11. I did not see the word restart on the iphone x. Its not the same message you showed on your iphone.

  12. You're stupid ….he is developer
    He knows much more than u.. he knows he failed face id

  13. Everybody making excuses for Apple it's failure bottomline they should of bought Samsung Iris scanner along with those oled screens ?????

  14. Fail or no fail, damage is done. Nothing and no one is flawless. Still would have liked more unlock options like Galaxy S8 has, fingerprint, face ID AND iris scanner so you can choose.

  15. It is a fail because he should've known..
    not only that if he powered up from off there is no way I could have opened the iPhone without putting without the passcode

  16. And Touch ID is a easy as putting you finger on the phone which you do anyway and it opens every time without a swipe up.. Face ID will be the thorn in your side

  17. unfortunately, the exact message is shown when when you mess up the Touch ID as well.. It's still a fail.hehe

  18. omg it was a fail. it said passcode required to enable face id. there was nothing about restarting. the message that appeared on his screen is when you get your biometric unlock wrong multipple times so you have to enter the passcode to re-enable it. Also he tried it a first time and it didnt say that, its because he got it wrong multiple times. And the 3rd time he did it he switched to another phone. It was a fail. He even wipes his face before the next one which could just be that he is nervous or it is because he knows that it doesnt work if there is some sort of substance on your face such as sweat, or makeup. Watch unbox therapys video where he explains the sweat thing better

  19. Dumb fuck it failed as it didn't detect his face! Don't upload crap videos

  20. Ok I have a question, when the face id required passcode, he didn't enter it, he tried again and it worked then. So it's not because of the phone was restarted but I guess the software still requires update.

  21. Biggest event for the world's most valuable company and they could one of most important feature demonstrations right? That's a fail for me.

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