WINNER ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to Alexis Fernandez.

We’ve teamed up with Caseology to give away a Silver 64GB iPhone X – Enter here ► – Subscribe ► | 30% off Caseology Cases ( use Promo Code 9TO5MACX:

## Favorite apps:
LumaFusion (iOS):
Final Cut Pro X (Mac):
Pixelmator (Mac):
Affinity Designer…


  1. ok. so my iPhone 6 randomly turned off two dys go and nothing is working. it wont go into recovery, dfu, or even connect to iTunes no matter what. my situation is made worse because if I go to my dad and he sees the last thing I viewed on it theeeeeeeeeen well it wont be good, ok? any help?

  2. I want a free iPhone X currently I have a $33 prepaid phone I have been using for 3 years XD

  3. I would be very happy if I won this IPhone because this year my parents wont have sufficient funds for Christmas so I will receive nothing.? I am hoping to win this GIVEAWAY!?

  4. I your huge fan. How I wish this christmas I want to have a Iphone X cause I want to give it to my mom. she didn't have a new phone. When she was at the street of Amzon someone stole it. … Hope you will pick me up.. thank you.. Merry Christmas. I hope I will win!

  5. I've love your content my family is low income and you inspired me to do youtube. I do youtube for fun now I try to make money for my family but no one watches my content and if you send the iphone x to me i will make a video of the iphone x and get a little big on youtube so I can support my family

  6. Please please please do another one I REALLY REALLY want please do another one

  7. Hey this is no spam or anything I sent you this message to notify you and tell you that I did all the streps and I’m in need for a phone because mine broke and my mom uses it and my parents got divorced like one week ago leaving my mom with nothing I wouldn’t lie about this it’s very sad but life goes on.thanks for taking your time and reading the message .God loves you.

  8. I did all entries… reason i want to because i want a new phone but my parents doesn't want to buy ne one . And so i try to win .

  9. Is this international ? Cause i would love to get a chance to win , I never ever in my life had a apple product where i from the phone is very expensive and i never had a phone in my life and im 16 !So i hope u would pick me i would be very thankful ?I really want one I told all my friends!

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