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With the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Apple is bringing plenty of new features to the iPhone lineup. In addition to wireless charging the new iPhones are capable of quick charging via USB-C. The trouble is, Apple will only be including it’s standard 5 watt power brick in the box. In order to utilize the quick…


  1. I really wish I had the I phone X I can't afford it sadly I always wanted to have one it is my dream to soon have one but it's probably never gonna come true right now I have a Coolpad phone with a storage of only 8 gigabytes ??

  2. Is it true that wireless charging can cause the iphone battery some serious wear down the road?

  3. Apple shits ????
    No fast charger
    No headphone jack
    No figerprint scaner
    No home button
    No dual sim

  4. You can also use 100-240W 2.1 Amp wall piece and get fast charging on the iPhone. I use one for my 8+ all the time.

  5. yes ,u can make a movie today,ahaaa, your video is very interested,keep going ,man

  6. ? JACK ? ITS ? FRO ? YOU ?Hey jack let me tell you if you to the world that apple put the notch becouse the apple logo is also with the notch.
    So apple make the phone with the notch like its logo of apple, one bite is taken from the ? its like one bite is missing from the the display…

  7. I just use my iPad Air charger…it charges the phone to 100 in about 1 hour lol…and has the right cable …
    So no issues there
    I use wireless earbuds so the no headphone jack is fine..I prefer wireless

  8. One of the reasons I left Apple. I still like the iphone more than my android, but fuck you Apple.

  9. Thanks for your video lol 😀

    And that's why I have never let apple steal a single red cent of my money ever in my whole life…! What a mess LOL

  10. Hey hey hey, just use the ipad charger like I am!!! Its sooo much cheaper and so much faster!!!

  11. "Lighting" port is patented so they get paid regardless of which charger you buy. This way they actually make more money so thats never going away.

  12. My wife’s iPad Pro charger charges my iPhone 8 super fast. Is that healthy for the battery? Or stick with the OG brick?

  13. if you can get something easily (nokia) you do not want it but when you cannot afford it (iPhone X) you desperately want it

  14. please I just want an iphone 8. that's my dream phone but I don't have enough money. unbox therapy I hope you can give me one. ??

  15. Suckers, phone doesn't come with the quick charger. Totally ridiculous money grab. Sucker born each second not minute when apple fans are involved!

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