iPhone X speaker issues ?

I would greatly appreciate if you guys could check out your top speaker to see if there’s like a hiss or buzz at volume levels of 75-100%. Comment down below if you’re having issues as well


  1. Me also got the receiver issu, i just cant hear anything from the front facing- speaker when i answer a call or make a call, the speaker also did not sounding when i play a video from YouTube, this is my 4th iphone x after going through all the same issue with my previous ip x.. so sad

  2. In fact nobody is noticing like me before watching your video, I never use at full volume mi phone but I think all the phones got this issue, next week I will go to an Apple store to check if the displayed iphones do the same issue.

  3. I'm in the same situation, what can I do? If I got a new replacement I will get the same issue as many people that I know. Need to wait while apple send new units?

  4. Just got a X and I noticed the same at high frequencies, and found other Xs sound the same, like my brother’s and one at the store. The speaker otherwise sound awesome till one one of those frequencies come in and the distortion is noticeable to picky ears like mine.

  5. I am having the EXACT same issue with my 256 GB Space Gray iPhone X! I had it for 3 days now and the sound from the front facing speaker is distorting very badly at full volume; sounds like the speaker is blown out. This happens all the time when on max volume, playing music, talking on phone using speakerphone or watching videos. It sounds like a hardware failure to me personally. I purchased the iPhone X directly from the Apple store in Canada. I had the iPhone 8 Plus before and did not have this issue, the speakers sounded MUCH better on the 8+. I’m extremely disappointed considering the price of the 256GB iPhone X. Will go to the store soon to exchange my device for another brand new one but I fear that one will have the same issue just as you are experiencing. Will update on what happens tomorrow.

  6. My iPhone is/was doing the same thing, now however it has gotten worse, slowly got worse and worse, then yesterday finally it stopped working all together, the bottom speaker is great no problem there, the top speaker , can't hear anyone on calls, no music ( i'm currently in Brazil so no apple store here, so I have to wait until i'm back in the UK) so I decided to turn my phone off, big mistake, my phone then got stuck on the apple logo screen, even after a hard reset, so after putting it in recovery mode, I got it back up and running,  I contacted apple via chat, they basically did the same thing I did already, and told me to try not let my battery die or turn off the phone, so that was great help! what type of advice is that! so I decided to try beta 11.2.5, that didn't help, so I downgraded back to 11.2.1 and then wiped my phone set up as new and restored it, somehow on the 5th time, it helped, my phone turned back on without getting stuck on the apple logo, then suddenly the top speaker worked again for one call, then VERY quiet, I can hear the person on the other end if theres no other noise, but no good in public or anything like that, I do think its software related, but of course I won't know until the next update, or when i'm back home in the uk and can at least try to get it replaced so I can make calls, I just thought id share whats happening with my iPhone,

  7. Any fix as of today !? (05.12.17) Same issue all across the world with these iPhone X’s ;(

  8. Same issue on my phone by watching some YouTube videos and also while using facebook I can hear buzzing sound in all fb vedios…..any suggestions what to do?????
    By the way my below speakers work fine

  9. Today I bought Iphone X. I have issues with speaker in calls or videos on you tube!!! 😡 The little speaker make a strange distorsion and buzzzzz. Do you believe that Apple will fix that in a new update? I am very dissapointed. I guess tomorrow I will change it with Iphone 8….

  10. I have the same problem here every time I’m making a call that annoying crackling buzzed sound come up on the top speakers.hope is a software issued the get fix with a update. I really don’t want to go to a apple store.

  11. Have the same problem bro 🙁 it’s so annoying. Replaced my phone and still have the same issue:(

  12. Hi my friend. You can try to go to settings/music/eq and change it to late night. Btw late night makes the phone louder (works on the 7 and 8 too)

  13. Saw your comment. Exactly the same problem. Second iPhone X I’m on now and this one is worse. Horrible during calls FaceTime music videos podcasts. It’s a joke

  14. Having the same problem here, whenever theres a high pitched sound or a piano or something like that my top speaker cracks. I noticed it the first day and went to the apple store to see if it was my iPhone X and all the display iphones also cracked when turned all the way up so i just kept mine, im guessing its all iPhone X’s that have this issue

  15. Dude how did it take you 7 and a half minutes to explain this? You gotta be more brief!

    Anyway I noticed this in my X from the bottom speaker. It seems to happen when I’m listening to podcasts with deep male voices and I’d describe it as a rattle or buzz. Any good material you’ve found to test with?

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