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  1. I love how Nikias (sorry if I spelt your name wrong) always uses his opinions and features that we care about, most people like me don’t really care that the iphone x has 100000 features and this and this. And bla bla bla. I like how he always keeps it simple and straight to the point! Loved the vid, and if I could O would also take the iphone X.

  2. I have the 8 plus and event though its true that sometimes i feel the design is quite old compared to the new devices right now i still thinks thats its technology and features are amazing

  3. hey everyone, so im getting a phone but i don't know if I should get the i phone x or 8plus , comment your answers! x

  4. I had an iPhone X but went to the iPhone 8 Plus because of the feeling you get when holding it in your hand, idk why but I just like holding big phones, plus I wasn’t feeling the Face ID, I wouldn’t be a first generation design from any phone, next year when they release the new iPhone 11 with the infinity display I will definitely be purchasing it because some flaws in it will be fixed, both great phones rho

  5. 8 plus due to Apple being able to master everything with that design and processor , got to give Apple time to figure out the new models

  6. I prefer the 8 plus because it has a red version, a bigger battery, and is a bigger phone and I prefer a bigger phone that will last me long than an all screen phone that will not last for long. I also prefer the home button because I don't like an all screen phone and that is why the x doesn't last that long.

  7. As I have neither, I think I’d have chosen the iPhone 8Plus. Massive battery advantage. And it’s still very advanced. Great video, thank you.

  8. 8plus is much better I don't get why people get carried away for emoji s face ID…and screen in iPhone x.. It's not worth spending so much money on such features…..i don't want to buy a product just bcoz everyone s buying u need to have ur own opinions

  9. I think most will agree: I’m excited for the X Plus with a larger screen. I love my X but I would still like a larger screen like my old 7 Plus.

  10. What iPhone 8 Plus colour would you guys recommend Gold or The product Red

  11. I don't get why people hate the home button on pre iPhone X models. Thanks to 3D Touch I've never used the home button on my iPhone since 6s. Discover features of your devices people and then talk.

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