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iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test 3 Years Later! Hello all and welcome to this speed test comparison between the 2017 Apple iPhone and the 2017 Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In this video we will run the Apple iPhone X and Note 8 through a variety of non technical real world tests to gauge the performance of each device in 2020. The intentions of this video is to help you in your yesteryear used device search make a decision. If you have or had either or both devices please consider share your…


  1. iPhone X or Galaxy Note 8! Which do you think has aged better in their 3rd year? Comment below X or N8! Enjoy the vid!

  2. If new galaxy s20 series are gonna age better so we can safely assume that iphone 11 series are gonna crush that too.

  3. Look how much the note 8 was lagging especially once you had a few apps open and tried to reload them… It's just not a smooth experience, full of stutters and crashes. That's why they lose value so quick and that's not even considering the fact that the note isn't even on latest software or one ui while the iPhone is uptodate with even the new flagships. There's no comparison, the iPhones are just so much better when it comes to software.

  4. Idk. My wife and I have these same exact phones and with me having the Note 8 and her with that model iPhone. My Note crushes her phone when doing everything in this video so idk.

  5. I usually like these kind of comparisons but lately it's just all specs… No one really does real world testing. Such as using what each phone does. The note 8 far out surpasses the iPhone x when it comes to what can it do. All I see now is the same biased videos "better games and updated"… Where is the using apps on a daily basis, and how practical each one is able to do them. No one cares about games on a phone FYI! If you do then so be it. iPhone can never replace the functionality that a note can deliver.

  6. The iPhone still holds up, the note 8 isn't getting anymore os updates the iPhone has got a solid 2 more years of updates still. Also I don't agree the new Samsung's will age better, as long as Samsung cuts support after 2 updates they won't hold up. I can't wait to see how people will justify when their 1500$ phone only gets 2 major os updates. I myself just can't wrap my mind around it.

  7. Ip is faster but I really like samsung note because spen is the best thing with smartphone.

  8. I upgrade every 2 years and use android… from what I've heard, iphones can work well for 4-5 years..

  9. im using a note 8 in 2020, it's very slow and has a horrible battery life, I am waiting for the new note to come out.

  10. Watching on my Note 8 with Android 10( LineAge OS 17.1). Insanely snappy. No blaotware. Using a custom kernel as wel. I don't think this phone can get any snappier. It's literally faster than the S10( I tested it along side a friend's S10) in a few apps.

  11. I had a Samsung phone for most of my teenage years, from the s1 all the way up to the s6 edge and a note 3 somewhere in between and i can say i experienced some degree of slow down on all of them ( less on the note 3 and the s6) and after that i had an iphone se that still works like new bit it's too small, a huawei mate 10 pro that again still works really well and now i have a oneplus 7t pro and i can say it's the fastest phone i ever had, I don't mean to diss samsung because they make great hardware, but the software holds them back

  12. As what apple stated, their chipsets are capable in maintaining its performance in the long run, that is the reason why even the iPhone 6s is still usable and fairly smooth than most of the midrange smartphone today.

  13. I'd take apps loading up 5 seconds slower to save hundreds of dollars and have more features. Plus iPhones are way slower than Galaxys when you are on cellular networks. I also hear the iPhones are glitching out using up peoples data.

  14. If you want a phone that'll be obsolete in a years time leaving you wanting to upgrade so you can use something somewhat similar to recent phones, then by all means get the Note 8. If you want something around 3 times faster in single threaded, with massively better graphics and a huge overall performance lead along with 3/4 years of up to date software buy an iPhone X.

  15. Note 8 not too far behind ! Amazing job ! Waiting for 10 extra second to load pubg
    This video was biased like a lot rip

  16. I like the iphone 6 and watching speed tests it might actully beat the iphone x the iphone 6 is 5 yeres old to!!!!

  17. Wait but the x is 1 generation behind the 11, but the note is 2 generations behind, 3 behind the s series but I guess that dosent count even though the result should be almost the same

  18. "4 GB RAM"…the iPhone X only had 3 GB of RAM, it was in the Xs and Xs Max that Apple put 4 GB of RAM in the iPhone.

  19. Je fais jamais confiance aux speed test fait a la main. L’humain ne peut être synchro au point de d’ouvrir deux app avec deux doigts a la fois.

  20. And the few seconds delay instead of iphone… pff bigger screen.. so better

  21. Screen of the note 8 much bigger. So for gaming much better. And yes takes longer to load. Give the iphone same screen, Samsung would definitely win!

  22. I see a lot of people in the comments saying the note 8 is slow but just because it's a little slower than the iphone doesn't mean it's a bad phone. I still own an iphone 7 and i can tell you if you want to experience real lag buy that phone

  23. Ohh i remember those samsung morons almost 3 years ago when they said the note8 is much more powerful and has better performance longevity than the iphone X. Look at it now. Its obsolete in comparison against the iphone X. Shame 😂

  24. Yet YouTube reloads half the time when I go to a safari for a little bit on my 11 Pro Max 🙄

  25. If you really used the phones every day and installed a little more apps the Note 8 would take an eternity to open even simple apps. Can’t recommend it on the long term. (Experience comes from the Note 9.)

  26. Comparisons like this seem weird to me. IPhones have proprietary software running on proprietary hardware. If they didn't maintain performance better than an android phone, something would be seriously wrong. Of course that comes at the cost of being in a walled garden. But most people want an easy to use phone that can go on the internet and social media. Thus, a walled garden isn't even taken into consideration.

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