IPhone X water test

IPhone x water test


  1. I accidentally fell in the pool with my iPhone x and it was fine but the music and the charger port were filled with water and I can barely hear any music and can’t charge so basically I wouldn’t recommend do that.

  2. Mine, was accidentally got wet, not a meter deep, shutdown immediately. Went to service provider, as per CSR liquid damage isnt covered by apple warranty ??

  3. I dropped My iphone X in water for about 4 seconds .. Now The screen dosen't work and I have about 5 to 8 Green vertical lines on it .. Just an advice : don't ever do it .. I regret what I did and I put it in rice maybe it will work after 24H .. 🙁

  4. 50% of you say its fine 50% says yours died. WHAT TF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN

  5. IPhone x not have waterproof and not have the replacement of this phone this company making fraud to people?

  6. Woah your so brave… I’m glad the IPhone X is waterproof but I don’t want to find out myself on purpose ?

  7. Who else is still scared to put their x in water?

    EDIT: i did it that day and now i dip it in for fun

  8. I was eating jalapeños from the jar? and it spilled? and I was SO scared if my phone got ruined and I quickly got onto YouTube, put a song, and searched for this video! I’m the so glad it’s waterproof but I wouldn’t have the guts to put my phone in Water!!! Even if it’s waterproof. I just can’t!?

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