Love Nikki Issues on iPhone X, XS, and XR. Consider keeping your old phone if upgrading.

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  1. I’m sad now :c I need my powers and now I can’t use them!! Hopefully they update that hopefullyyyy I’m praying

  2. I got an iPhone Xs max today, gotta say that I hate the bar across the top in Love Nikki seems like a lazy fix from the app makers, don’t understand why they thought that was a good solution. As for the other issues, to be honest I haven’t had any problems, the buttons still respond well despite the home bar.

  3. I’m planning on switching but I go has LN on my iPad if I do have that problem I don’t mind moving it to there

  4. My friend's android phone had the same bar at the top for about a month but mine never did. Hope they fix that soon.

  5. Omg was gonna get the iPhone X about a month ago but just went for the 8+ cause I think the phone is ugly ☠️ and now I have even more of a reason to appreciate not getting it

  6. I have trouble logging into ln on bignox because the facebook thing says page can't be loaded and idk what do doooo

  7. now I'm glad that I'm not getting an iPhone X/XS/XR. my screen broke down yesterday and I'm getting a iPhone SE to replace the one I have, but yeah, the screen acting like that would be a real pain.
    I'd prefer if they had done like Royal Chaos, which sadly isn't available in my country (looks super fun, but yeah… would have to change appstore and have no energy for that)

  8. I saw this and I said about time! I hate it ever since it released. I don’t even do star corridor anymore thanks to this. It’s annoying and should of tested it first before making the change. They should of put an extremely small momo background in the bottom and what they have now on the top but smaller.

  9. OMG. OMG. It’s actually over. I made it! I finished Hellish Bloom. I have the background left and only 165 more Demon Souls to collect for it but now I can take my time and use up the next 3 days for that.

  10. I actually needed a video like this to help me but the top thing is so annoyed by tho because like u said it pushes it down and I NEED TO LINK MY FACEBOOK account lol but thanks viv???

  11. Android user- I will never go to iPhone after what my mom told me about her new iPhone.

  12. Hey Viv! I'm having trouble with the Gym puzzle, on Star Lily Case Files. I can't get the pieces to move! Have you reached this level yet, and if so, do you know how to do this? Thanks!^-^

  13. It kicks me outta the game saying in app billing promblem. And everytime the server resets it says analysis uid failure. I've no idea what these mean my daily lucky draw since the update it will share it like normal but won't let me get my second chance from sharing ..

  14. Oh no 🙁 Viv do you use nox? That might solve those issues.

  15. I actually have an iPhone 6 but I play the game via iPad cause of my big fingers.

  16. I switched from iPhones to Android a couple years ago and haven't had any problems at all since then, and I don't just mean with love Nikki, I mean just in general. Android took a bit to get used to, but I'm so glad I made the switch. iPhones are finicky junk, you're just paying for the "luxury" brand name. At one time years ago they were actually better, but now they're full of Samsung tech, that has been modified to work with iphone tech, so it just doesn't make sense to pay double for the same tech you get with a Samsung Android just to have that iPhone name. Also when the Samsung tech is modified to work with the iPhones it sacrifices speed and efficiency bc of the modifications. Once I learned about all the tech that iPhone buys from Samsung it was so obvious it was time to switch. Do some research on the newer Android phones, Viv, I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

  17. Why u stopped sharing bout food fantasy XCXC, I always come to check if u shared a new vid of food fantasy but u don't whhhy XCXC pls share more of it plsss,, tmrz there's a new event pls say something bout it anything I just want u to share a vid of food fantasy while u there:3

  18. I'm on android and thats is bug me too, but in diferent ways! So sad 🙁

  19. Some people made fun of me for having android but honestly i prefer it to iphone

  20. Another reason not to ever buy IPhone X. I dont like the style either so that is main reason.

  21. Man i still cant believe i uninstalled love nikki. The only reason i did it is because it was taking up too much storage. And my tablet kept installing apps i dont need nor authorized the installation of. Im going to have to wait to play lovenikki again when i have enough money to purchase a new tablet…. thats really selfish isnt it. Ugh… i cant believe im addicted to a dressup game

  22. I have a samsung s8 and I also had the black bars but they are now replaced with white curtain things

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