This video is about camera test between Microsoft Lumia 950 and Apple iPhone X.
All pictures are taken with auto mode.
Please leave a comment below which one do you think is better.


  1. I got new Nokia 8, but still use the Lumia 950 for taking pics. We travel a lot and my friend always used iphone, but I beat him in low light and they are similar with light.

  2. If you want a smartphone with a great camera, If you don´t need unnecessary applications and If you don´t want to pay much money buy Lumia 950. I use it as a main phone.

  3. Lumia950xl came out 2015. Yet still goes for toe to toe with current flagships ? even has win10c

  4. some shots, the Nokia struggles on the exposure compensation. 🙂

  5. I like iPhone pics better regardless how unnatural they looks but Lumia being older phone with price tag 1/4 or lower of price iPhone is kicking ass!BTW I just bought a new 950 today lol.

  6. last phone from genuine nokia team before they died. I'm not adopted 950 as I'm banning stupid microsoft's decision

  7. Great comparsion , We all know Auto mode in Lumia phones isn't that good, but still 2 year old phone giving this much competition, Tbh both are great, Sometime Lumia 950 is better sometime IPhone X is better

  8. cool video bro .. for sharpness the iphone is the clear winner but for the exposure and colors and dynamic range i think its pretty equal … btw try pixel 2 vs iphone x or s9 and s8 this will bring many subacribers for your channel

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