Mobile Photography Gift Guide 2017

With the release of the Pixel2 and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X – capturing fantastic photos with these phones is easy – let’s look at some gift ideas that take their capabilities even farther.

Moment Lenses:
Mefoto Side Kick:
SMOOTH Q – Learn more at
Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-Q Smartphone Gimbal: or

Mobile Photography Kit:



  1. What about the X? I find it to have great light, isn’t soft when zoomed, and that gorgeous focus blur is getting DSLR’ish

  2. Great guide! I'm still shooting with my Galaxy S6 Edge. I love manual controls as I have taken many blurred waterfall photos and other fun shots. I've been considering moment lenses or buying a used DSLR.

  3. Don't worry about a good 3rd party app. That chip will be activated soon in 8.2 for 3rd party apps very very soon.

  4. Have you had any issues with the SmoothQ disconnecting or not staying level as I have?

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