My first iPhone X CPU A11 Re-ball (This board should boot)

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  1. You Think it’s Reball Problem
    But that shiny cpu is defective
    Because you clean it in Wrong way
    We offer Cpu online Course

  2. 00:44 the internet loves CPU reballing virgins. Like all virgin, you never forget your first time.

    Loving seeing all the great content too Jason

  3. Awesome first time reballing an iPhone SOC. Hats off to you sir. I just wanted to say I ❤️you, so hard.

  4. I made it success after dumping about 8 donor boards😝 you seems to be more faster than me keep it up mate👍🏻 and yeah try squeeze paste before you apply it🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. HDD Recovery Services channel uses a drier paste, and he removes the stencil before heating up the paste. Watch a few of his videos. He also uses a exacto blade to spread the paste instead of thick plastic.

  6. Oh maan now we get cliffhangers? Stay tuned for the next episode of "Reballing with Jason". This feels every day more like old TV
    I bet you bridged something when you pulled off the CPU, or the Tigris you sloppily soldered at the end 😛

  7. i wondered for a min whose balls are you talking about lol small balls medium size balls and large balls lol ermmmm you havent been watching those vids again lol

  8. with the wet paste after application try running a clean wipe over the stencil to mop up the excess flux, also helps pack the paste and stencil down a bit too.
    Just a suggestion that works for me, I dont worry about dry or wet paste anymore.

  9. How to definitely not doing it… way to much paste and what about the cleaning clouth?

  10. Dry your Paste using tissue and put it on using soft hand, use bend tweezer to press down the stencil.

    Good one 👍🏽

  11. Jason, I love you man, been watching and learning from you for years, well done and good luck in the next phase – I will be watching. I am trying out Der Apfeldoktor's method on the iPhone 7. He makes it look real easy but I know its not. I would check him out as well as the iBrush for making cleaning the CPU a lot easier. Great job as always!

  12. Don't heat too slow as the heat will go deeper in to the cup. Also the cup is cooling all the time. But you did good Jason. Also some people have good work with the solder balls you can buy

  13. Nice Jason! I and on the edge of my seat, can't wait for the next vid. In the words of ACDC

    I've got big balls
    I've got big balls
    And they're such big balls
    Dirty big balls
    And he's got big balls,
    And she's got big balls,
    But we've got the biggest balls of them all!

  14. Looking better and better jason 😀
    The paste did look like you could float a boat on it, a very little boat 😀
    You will master it like every other task you have conquered lol.

  15. Would you say the cpu is the most difficult chip on the whole board to replace or repair?? I’ve never done one either.jay

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