My FIRST & LAST EVER Unboxing! – Apple iPhone X – Unboxing

I’ve always been against unboxing videos so I don’t blame you if you take nothing away from this video. It was fun to film and I got to lick an iPhone X – what more can you ask for?!


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Apple Silicone Case –


  1. I've seen a lot of good unboxing videos and a lot bad unboxing videos but this is the worst unboxing video on earth

  2. What is the fastest growing crime in asia?

    iphone X theift. face ID doesnt work here we all look the same

  3. makes funny faces for Face ID

    iPhone X “ ugh not even one minute and I already hate the world”

  4. your Human.. !  YES. ! !
    .. you have wifepartner.  Best review ever (because we see the real world, that you did not plan)

  5. this man is funny omg.  like damn those jump cuts hehe.  his attitude reminds me of reviewtechusa a bit

  6. What are you gunna put in the folio case if you just spended it all on the iphone and the case​ (because thats also hella expensive

  7. Who needs to protect their phones if all you gonna do is throw them and slam them??‍♂️

  8. The screen is the only thing worth it on the x. Other than this its what ever. Cause if they wouldve put face iD on the iphone 8. No one wouldve cared. Thanks Samsung. It really is a nice screen.

  9. Awesome unboxing dude! Check out my unboxing afterwards! I will be doing a review really soon!

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