My Playstation Collection A to L

I’ve promised this for awhile now so here is part 1 of a 2 part video on my PS3 collection

Filmed on iPhone X
Cut on KineMaster

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More content coming soon.

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  1. Great collection! Genji was a good game but I ended up getting stuck for like 3 years in a certain area. Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta were originally released on the PSP. I actually used to own the God of War red PSP before it got stolen. Heavenly Sword was so underrated. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your collection.

  2. I am just finishing watching this now as I missed the first half. I only just started playing God of War on the PS2 this year and I have to say what that Santa Monica studio is able to do is incredible as far as the the graphics and presentation are concerned. That huge Joseph statue boss at the beginning of God of War 2 is pushing the PS2 hardware beyond it's limit's! Fall Out New Vegas and the platinum chip!

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