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Google Pixel 2 Unlocked

Apple iPhone X Unlocked

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iPhone X | I Don’t Miss Android…

In my last video, I touched on a few reasons as to why I finally chose the #iPhone X as…


  1. When I drop android n went to iPhone I was Ilike i never going back I was like Iphone is the greatest but after a few months I came home and I felt FREE sorry android I did mean what I said

  2. I have both phones and over all my iPhone x is better damn i can't believe I'm choosing a iphone over an android but alot of things on the iPhone x is better

  3. I am an iPhone user and not switching, but Siri sucks and is the worst assistant to the mankind. I disagree with you on one point that Android tries to offer a half-baked iOS experience. Also, please know that I am not an android hater, much like you, after using iOS for this long, it is very much integrated in my daily activities. I am glad we have choices.

  4. Ya… Every phone has it's pro's and con's but aye I believe android is the simpler of the two. One key to get to close out of apps, instead of double tapping the home button. Some settings are easier to reach on the iPhone, but still overall I find it easier/faster than the iPhone. Granted some of this could be due to my familiarity with android's compared to iphones, but I know for sure there is more things at the ready/easier to accomplish on a android. (I.e Close out of apps/controlling things)…Albeit the last bit arguably comes back around to the customizability of the android phones.

  5. iPhones can use the unlimited storage feature, too. Pictures are stored at 12mp for unlimited "high quality" storage, so there's not really any compression. Also, your not getting anything extra with the Pixel because of the 12mp sensor on the phone. If you're a photographer, however, you can back up your DSLR photos to, Google Photos at original quality. That's really the only way to take advantage of the offer.

  6. Ditto. Went from Pixel 2 XL to iPhone X, so I could use iMessage, Animojis, FaceTime with family (Rest of family use iPhones) These features in iPhone X worked really well, and in addition the iOS is really smooth, display is awesome, and most of the apps work really well (in comparison to their android counterparts). But I hated the following in iPhoneX – Apple ecosystem as they weren’t intuitive, iOS notification is a Joke, having to go to “settings” for app level settings doesn’t seem like a good design,.. Overall, iPhoneX is great.
    However, there is something very very compelling about Pixel 2 XL once you get used to is hard to live without. like Google Assistant, Split Screen, phone/maps stay on top of other apps, Camera,… I gave up after 2 months of iPhoneX experiment and went back to Pixel 2 XL. I have new found love for Pixel 2 XL. Hoping Pixel 3 XL, new Pixel buds, Pixel watch will take the whole Google experience to next level.

  7. Dope video! I'd switch for the camera alone, but I'm an Apple Music user and have like 1398749 Apple products, so the seamless integration keeps me locked into Apple. ?

  8. I just moved from Android phones exclusively, since they were introduced to an iPhone 8 Plus with 256 GB storage. I am a long time Mac and iPad user though I still own Android tablets. I find the iPhone 8 Plus screen far superior for reading than my previous oled Samsung phones or my two short lived excursions into Moto Phones. The Pixel 2 X L intrigued me but the Apple ecosystem and the much more powerful processor drove me to the iPhone.

  9. I switched to Android after the 6s. Had the s7 edge for a while which is a great phone and now have the Pixel 2 XL. Love it!

  10. I am an original Android user and I switched to Iphone. The biggest mistake. iphone features or multitasking does not compare to an Android. Just waiting to upgrade and Google Pixel will be my next choice.

  11. As crazy as this might sound, I went from a S8+ to an iPhone 8 Plus. Screen burn-in on OLED and battery life did me in. Though OLED looks great, that is a major flaw that I can't get past.

    Though the design of iPhone 8 Plus is dated, it checks most of the boxes in usability and hardware. Fingerprint reader is in the ideal place where the phone can be quickly accessed on a table without lifting or looking at it. LCD screen is not victim to burn-in.

    Though Apple is slow to make strides in abilities that has had, iOS is smooth and focused on the user experience. Apps built for the platform have consistent transitions. When they finally work for iOS, they look and act consistent with the entire platform. Apple does a good job of educating their users on these incremental upgrades thru empowered marketing. It is why Apple users truly believe that Apple invented smartphones and each of the key features Android has been first on. Ex. iMessage is the most robust text/IM app ever made. Tough act to follow.

  12. If it came out on AT&T Next to pay per month I'd switch. I have never really been able to shell out all the money for a phone, so I've paid per month. Oh well.

  13. Hey man , great video thanks and where did you get that grey chair?

  14. I was thinking about leaving android for some time but im holding on to it cause i know coming soon is the pixel 3xl(hopefully that's the name) and if it truly delivers theres no way i can leave my home operating system. ive been on it for almost 10 years i dont think i can give up google assistant either ive used it for so long its become second nature. I hope to see more vids from you teqreation love your views and ideas man.

  15. Google photos is probably the most underrated app out there. What it can do is phenomenal imo. Android as always been light years ahead of iOS but most folk don't fully understand it's capabilities.

  16. Now I’m waiting for the: “goodbye pixel 2xl, hello galaxy s9” haha.
    This guy can’t make his mind up.
    Why not get a home pod instead of a new more expensive phone?

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