Always had that one tech question in your mind that never found an answer? Are you frantically looking for some extra techie gyaan? Well, I will answer all your tech queries from now on every Friday. So if you have something to ask, drop your question using #LetsGetTechie in the comments and I might end up answering it in the next week’s video!

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  1. Please use subtitles too…in your upcoming videos,it would help many of us to enhance english like you.

  2. #LetsGetTechie
    Why brands are not coming up with compact products when almost every second person is fond of compact smartphones?
    I wish it would be great if India Today group would campaign about it or people should go to Jantar Mantar & do some dharna stuff.
    Hashtag – NeitherSuchPhonesNorGiantMegapixels

  3. #LetsGetTechie
    Most of my friends bought RedmiNote7Pro and after 5 r 6 mnths they are unable to use their many issues like lagginess, stuck issues, hang issues
    And i am enjoying my Galaxy A30. i have been using a30 since 9 r 10 mnths and it is very smooth 😎
    Still tech youtubers will give so much hype to redmi mobiles, so much buildup to redmi mobiles and they will not even suggest samsung mobiles to their subscribers.
    Youtubers will do so many videos(comparison videos/ camera reviews…etc) on redmi mobiles, but they will not even do single video on samsung mobiles…why??

  4. As you have mentioned that iPhone 11 will cost @55k. Can you pls. Let us know how iPhone 11 is coming @55k?
    Including HDFC bank offer it is still 58k plus.

  5. Does Fast Chargers Affects the Battery Life for Long Term Use..?
    Because most of the SmartPhone Brands Coming up with Flash, Dash, Vooc etc #LetsGetTechie

  6. Great that the mess ups are added towards the end … Looking forward to more of these

  7. Which is the best replacement for poco f1? I trying exchange my poco f1 because I don't like notch at all and I want beautiful full display screen with great sound quality

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