Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its possible new color options and DeX Pad. We also talk about the iPhone X and how the Qualcomm modem on some variants performs far better than the Intel modem variants. The iPhone X continues in the spotlight with some new speculation over sales this quarter. We also talk about the OnePlus 5T in its Star Wars Limited Edition. We end today’s show with deals on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8.

All this and…


  1. There's nothing much oems can add to smartphones, but for the S9 to be cool for me, they should kill the dual edge, offer fast and priority software updates, remove all those redundant apps that android already has, better fingerprint sensor location, 40MPx camera a la 808/1020 main camera, a unique front design to be easily recognizable, no more constant discounts (leave it at regular price so that it feels like a flagship device), find a way that ALL apps are supported in split screen mode.

  2. Its almost 2018 and people still buy apple products. You think people would have learned by now…..its upsetting to know that we have a world full of sheeps.

  3. dex cable would be great. no bulky ugly expensive dock. I hate that I plug in my thunderbolt 3 hub and it just does HDMI out

  4. Best Buy carrier locks the "unlocked" phone to the first SIM card thats put in it. causing you more trouble then its worth

  5. Intel modem sucked on the 7 as well, not only in practice but apple Artificially restricted the max performance of the QUALCOMM modem to keep it on par with the Intel

  6. I asked Siri what my Battery Life was and She said: Your Note 8 Destroyer is at 73%… hahahahahahahahahaha

  7. DeX laptop for the S9. With Windows 10 now running on mobile processors, this should be possible.

  8. Qualcomm cooperating with an enemy? FUCKING TRAITORS. I am never buying any phone with Qualcomm processor.

    Why all these fucking iDiots are buying iphones?!?!? How come? Is this world THAT stupid and blind? Damn…

    On Galaxy S9 I would LOVE to see apple bankrupcy.

  9. I love iPhone X. Two complaints.
    1. I constantly turn it on upside down because of no home button, you grab it not knowing which way is up.
    2. When quick switching between apps, horizontally orientated apps disrupt flow and makes it difficult to switch or go back to home screen because you have to swipe sideways instead of up.

  10. I want a camera on par with the Pixel 2. They do everything else well.

  11. Quit begging for free shit and open up your wallet and buy it

  12. More color options for the foreign market one color for the United States

  13. An updated version of S5, so:
    headphone jack
    IR blaster
    removable battery
    2018 SoC, memory etc.
    Size of S5, I do not need a long smartphone that is difficult to fit in a jeans' pocket.

  14. Iphone X makes me switch away from Apple and i had all the Iphones since the 3G. So who is buying it? All suckers that don't understand the options out there?

  15. What the ? is up with so many company's, coming out with EVIL ?. Either they choose the bad guys to cheer for on devices , or they make all the characters do a All seeing Eye Pose . The Earth is ?. Unless Christ comes soon

  16. If they did what Asus did with the att only phone where you could just drop the 5.2 inch phone into a 9 inch tablet, that would be so cool. Getting a dual speaker 9-10 inch screen with the same processor and data as my note 8. I would buy that! ?

  17. While I wasn't as impressed with the mate 10 on release, its implementation of cell phone to desk top experience is a lot more conventional and practical than samsungs implementation. I'm just worried about heating and thermal issues without the dock, the dock does have fans while the cable has no fans

  18. I love pocket now, but i hate jaime rivera!!! He is soo biased towards android and all against apple and ios, just be fair man!

  19. I'm Blazh Veber and I'm here in the industrial zone and I'm here to do my job daily. I can't wait what will get for our christmas bonus!

  20. U name is harmara remera? Haha wtf is that. Sounds like a exotic pet.

  21. How about a better placement for the fingerprint scanner, I've had my s8 for just short of 8 months now and although I have gotten used to it over time, it would have been nice if they could have at least put it in the middle like hwawai phones.

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