Separating an iPhone X PCB and putting it back together ;)

Low melt solder used in this video:

The iPhone X Board Heater I used:

Here is E-Z Fix’s YouTube Channel:

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  1. Lots of talk, you make long boring videos try to be short not everyone have 50 to 60 minutes for simple repair to watch.

  2. Cornholio! 😂🤣😂 you making excellent job with those videos, micro soldering and ofc beavis and butthead impression 16:06

  3. The deflection you're seeing in the board is likely just the result of the bottom being warmer than the top side. If so, the trick is to make sure the entire board is the same temp, especially when the solder solidifies. Maybe make a small insulated box/ cover to set the board in as it is heating and cooling?

  4. Hey! Your board heater says 220V. 😟😕🥺 I don’t know about you down there but here we do not have 220 outlets. Only for the oven and dryer

  5. If I would have designed the IX5, I would have made those pins so they screw out to catch both boards. Great Videos!

  6. 23 people actually microwaved their boards and either their microwave exploded, their board’s components exploded, or both

  7. Don’t you be complaining. I never even thought about doing this. I’ve been putting down .25 by hand no stencil.

  8. Great work Jason. I watch all your content just for entertainment. This one definitely deserved the thumbs up. You've got some balls.

  9. Great video. You should try contacting the original owner and ask him to remove the iCloud lock to this board, I believe that you can see the full e-mail address as the phone is not yet locked or wiped.

  10. Hey jeson
    i wanted to take your advice ,i am beginner to iphone repairing and there is fonekong team coming from china for advance course in coming march should i take this chance its only for 7 days ..
    will it help me in my future ?
    please advice me

  11. Would love to know how many ball utterances there were in this video. Needless to say, I love it when you explain the intricacies of ball size.

  12. Jason, you should go to that one Chinese electronics market in China and go on a big shopping spree! You'd find really useful tools for really cheap!

  13. what if on the i-socket hook up the extension and power, flip it upside down then attach screen?

  14. Sir u r great we love u r work
    Sir we are waiting for basic electronic videos thanks

  15. Tim Cook to iphone engineer:" Since we can't stop 3rd party repair shop from working on our products, is there a way we can just make them go crazy/" Engineer:" How about 500 solder balls and leaded solder that makes everything float if you just look at it?"

  16. There must be something I'm missing. If you want to use the pins to align the boards, why did you put the spacer back?

  17. Please can you activate subtitles in your YouTube menu so that your subtitled video comes out? Thank you champion I really like your videos

  18. I really appreciate this video!!! We were sent an X, and the top is a Pringle. This video might help us solve how to rebind the two boards!

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