iPhone X is here! I pre-ordered the iPhone X, and am super excited to get my hands on it. Today, I run through some of the top reasons to buy the iPhone X and why you should get one. The iPhone X includes an all new design and a handful of new features including an edge-to-edge super retina HD display, a stainless steel and glass casing, gestures instead of a home button, Face ID, Animoji, Updated Cameras, Augmented Reality, iOS 11 and more! Did you order the iPhone X?⬇Check Out My Links…


  1. They skipped iPhone 9 so Germans would not get confused 😉

    Get it nine, nine, nine, nine

  2. Definitely upgrading from my Galaxy S6 edge and copping the iPhone X. My only area of indecisiveness pertains to the color options. I've always loved Space Gray, and I have always thought that Silver iPhones were ugly. However, Apple just might have changed my opinion on that with the X. ?

  3. I will buy three. One for me (256 GB) one for my girlfriend (256 GB), and one for my closest friend (64 GB). Also I would buy an iPhone 8 plus for my friend (256 GB) because he doesn't like the notch design and he likes touch ID. If you're feeling bad for my wallet, my wallet is full thanks to payments

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