Your Cartridge Components Are Clogging Your Ink-Toner Cartridges And Counterfeits Are Slowly Melting

Dear Friend,

Are you aware of the facilities where your cartridge components are being made?

Some of those parts bought do not always come from the sticker label that is on the cartridge component itself.

There may be times you encounter a marketer who is willing to provide inkjet or toner cartridges to you at an inexpensive price without further concern on the actual component.

This is done in the area of falsehood in which the buyer is deceived by the false markings and doesn’t realize the hoax.

Allow me…

The prices from the manufacturer are so cheap it makes the offer irresistible to some and to others it throws up a red flag.

This is what you would call grey market offers that take place in dark dungeoned rooms. A good portion of cartridge manufacturer’s turn to the grey market particularly because they need product before the customer’s lead time runs out. This can lead into the buyer renegotiating the terms or rejecting the transaction.

The problem with this is when the distributor goes to resell for the manufacturer, the printer toner cartridge components aren’t coming from a reliable manufacturer.

The failure rate for the goods become greater. Some buyers and sellers will catch on to these misguided labels after the defective components have been returned and processed through quality and inspection.

It is nearly impossible to notice the difference in color and quality between a genuine cartridge component and a counterfeit one.

This is why further examination is critical in circumstances such as an investigation. It determines how quick it will fail.

Please let me explain. The last thing you need is an imported quantity of 50,000 inkjet cartridges and find more than 51% of them are duds. This foreign quick scheme is notorious from exporters. You just never know who is replicating these ink items.

Your much better off requesting for a sample and testing it for yourself. Most manufacturers will have you pay for the sample cartridge which is normal. They do this so they are not handing out samples all day otherwise they would be out in the cold with a cup in their hand begging for quarters.

Oh by the way, expect to pay full price for the sample printer ink since it’s not a volume order. Counterfeit cartridge labels on cartridge component goods cover approximately 9.7% of the percent of international and domestic hardware trade.

Recent Studies have indicated nearly $524 billion dollars have been sold through various trade scandals. Custom duties perform more in depth thorough searches before releasing any goods into the new land. It’s a very strict and vital procedure.

The way this benefits the cartridge counterfeiters is when they don’t have to be concerned about marketing and branding purposes, therefore they inherit quite rather large profits as a result.

There are several countries which take place in cartridge counterfeit materials. Be sure to be as sharp as a number 2 pencil in your dealings. Here are 7 regions to have your cartridge sniping scope targeted for the foresight of these incoming counterfeits:






-Hong Kong





-And many others

Please don’t misunderstand me here, there are suppliers within these regions who are reliable and who do provide authentic product and excellent services. You just have to find them, a matter of who you know at that point. The opportunity of them finding you is great, so keep your night vision on red alert.


Joseph Mercado

Coping With Obsolete Electronic Components

As technology progresses, some things are bound to become obsolete. New developments require new products. This is true for most of the things that we use, and electronic components are among them. This is how it will continue to be. The new will constantly enter the scene to take over from the old. That is how progress works after all.

There are several reasons why electronic components may become obsolete. One of the most common reasons is that the products that use the components may no longer be in use. If a product has a short life cycle, it follows that the components that it uses shall also have a short life cycle. Thus, when that product goes out of the market and manufactures cease, it will be the end of life for the components that it uses.

One of the reasons for components becoming obsolete is the impact of governmental policies. Some time ago, when the European Union decided to ban some hazardous parts, component buyers did face some problems. In this case, among the parts to go were those that were not lead-free. With the EU ban in place, those who used components using lead or the other banned substances were hit hard. This was especially a problem in places like the United States, where the law pertaining to hazardous substances had not been put into effect.

One of the effects that the banning of specific components have is that entire machinery may become unusable because of it. For instance, it is not possible to use non-leaded components in machinery that uses leaded parts. This is because the temperatures that each require are very different. Thus, if manufactures cease for one part, several others may be facing the ends of their lives.

Of course, a number of pieces of the various components shall remain with suppliers. However, it is safe to say that finding these components can turn into quite a headache. Some semiconductors can be really hard to find and it may become difficult to locate obsolete integrated circuits. End of life electronic parts remain with a few suppliers to assist people who have to continue using older machinery.

Nowadays, however, it has become less difficult to locate the people who do store obsolete electronic components. An Internet search using the words “end of life electronic components” should provide effective results. With buyers and suppliers looking for trade in electronic components on the Internet, life has become a whole lot simpler.

The Components That Make Up a Stun Gun

There are a lot of useful devices in this world that we tend to stop and think how these amazing things are made. The different inventions by science and technology has provided us with convenience and a lot of benefits that all we want to do is bow down to the brilliant minds who created such a thing. The stun gun is one of the effective devices used across the globe by many individuals as a tool for self defense and handled by law enforcement to aid them in their work in catching suspects and also protecting themselves when the need for the weapon arises. Because of its effectiveness, we tend to ask how these stunning devices are made.

First of all the stun gun works by releasing powerful electrical discharges when it is activated. It can cause the target to weaken and the muscles to spasm leading to immobility. But this effect is only temporary due to the low amperage of the device. Basically, amperage means the amount of electricity that flows through the circuit. With a low amperage, the person will not be injured seriously which can lead to death but will only be temporarily not move. It has a higher voltage which simply implies a stronger pushing power that can penetrate even through clothing. How it effectively work is due to the different components that make up this device.

The main parts of the stun gun are all contained in a circuit board. This is composed of a battery pack wherein it is the main power source of the stunning device. Batteries can vary from those which are commonly used like the 9 volt and AA type. The oscillator which is attached to the power source which is the battery is the responsible to create the electric current. The current flows to the transformer of the device which regulates the increase in voltage and the decrease in amperage. The transformer provides the capacitor with the electric power that it stores which is triggered to release what it stores when the switch is activated.

The two or four metal probes of the stun gun are the end of the device. When it comes in contact with the skin of the body, the discharges flows to the neuromuscular system of that person. However when there is nothing that comes in contact with the probes, the electric charges can be seen in between and also produces crackling sound.

You might be wondering why you will not be electrified yourself with the high voltage a stun gun contains. This is simply because the components of this stunning device which creates the electrical discharges is encased in what makes up the stun gun today to provide safety to the person handling it.

These are the components that make up the very effective stunning device which is the stun gun. How stun guns work is simply because of the flow of the electric power inside the device on the different parts. It is very amazing how the small parts of the stun gun function together to save your life.