Selecting Your Notebook Spare Part – A Guide

If you have a notebook I need of a repair or an upgrade I would like to offer some advice that will undoubtedly save you time and money, and will offer you some great assistance in obtaining your notebook spare part specific to you’re the make and model of your machine. Until know if your notebook needed a spare part it would cost a small fortune and there was often a delay in the machine going wrong and the notebook having the spare part fitted – this is no longer the case as you will discover. The process and method of fitting notebook spare parts has been revolutionized by the internet.

The first thing to be aware of is that by avoiding a notebook repair specialist to buy and fit the spare part to your notebook you will be making a great financial saving, and by using a dedicated notebook spare part store online you can enhance that financial gain even further. Another factor that you can gain greatly is time, as we mentioned already upgrades and repairs were often a slow process, but this can be improved on considerably by getting same day sipping on your notebook spare ´part, and therefore having the repair or upgrade complete in a matter of a few days.

Another real benefit of fitting the notebook spare part yourself, or with a friend or family member is this helps to maintain the security and privacy of your personal data and files on the hard drive and memory of your notebook – a great bonus whether your main use of the notebook is personal or business use, it used to be a real concern when the computer went to have spare parts fitted, and we never knew the fate of the notebook, or who had access to it and it´s contents.

You may be thinking that buying your notebook spare part over the internet could be a risky matter, but providing you make the use of a top quality online store for the purchase of the required spare part for your notebook you can rest assured that the part has been tested, and is guaranteed to be working upon delivery, so is as safe as buying in a specialist notebook spare part and repair store – only cheaper and quicker in the complete process.

You may also feel comforted in knowing it does not take a technical wizard to fit the spare part to your notebook, a simple understanding and some basic research will provide all the knowledge you require, enabling you to have your notebook repaired or upgraded the same day as receiving the spare part – this brings all together the mass package of benefits to be received by buying your notebook spare part online.

Computer Appreciation For Beginners (Part 4)

At times it surprises me when some people operates a machine and claim it operates very well when they do not even know of the machine’s components. It is pertinent to know of the components of a particular device and their functions so as to be able to identify and troubleshoot in case of the system problem. And so, in this part of the article “Part 4” on ‘Computer Appreciation for Beginners’, I wish to let you know of the four major components of a computer system.

The five major components of the computer system are:

Hardware Components: The Hardware is classified as the physical parts of the system, which can be seen, feel, touch and carry about. All the hard components of a computer, whether internal or external are classified as the hardware. Examples: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, System unit, Disk drives etc.

Software Components: This is said to be the programs found in the computer system. The software is divided into two parts: System Software and Application Software. The System software is the program from the manufacturers that enable the computer to function effectively. They are the operating systems such as Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Linux etc., which the computer uses for its own manipulations. The application software or packages are programs like Microsoft office, CorelDraw, PageMaker, AutoCAD etc. designed to aid our day-to-day activities or transactions. I hope to provide you with practical steps on how to use these application packages as we move along in this powerful article on Computer Appreciation.

Firmware: These are programs or information burnt up in the ROM (Read Only Memory), which are said to be nonvolatile (that is, cannot be altered or change when there is a power failure). They are sets of instructions the computer follows to enhance its activities.

Human ware: Human ware components of the system are simply the computer users or operators. So you and I as well form the sub-component of a computer system. The Microcomputer as we all know can not function alone without humans.

Life ware: This is referred to as the electricity that gives the computer power to function. It is believed that the desktop computer cannot function in the absence of light except for portable systems such as Laptops, Notebook, etc. that can alternatively use batteries in the absence of light.