Motherboard Parts Explained

The motherboard is a vital component that is responsible for smooth processing of data occurs on a computer. There was a little damage to the motherboard will cause damage to the entire system, because the motherboard is place for all the hardware components attached. Start from the graphics card, RAM, hard disk, optical drive, all combined into one unit by using the port in the motherboard. Below is list of general motherboard component :

  1. CPU Socket : This section is the place laid a processor even with the many small holes that are used to place a pin processor.
  2. RAM Slots : Places to install the memory module (RAM). For a modern motherboard, usually there are 4 slots DDR2 PC 6400 with a capacity of up to 8GB and support for dual-channel configuration.
  3. Power Port : Old type use 20 +4 pin, while new types have been using 24 +4 pin. Through this port all the power needed by the system supplied through the power supply.
  4. Serial ATA Port : The new type motherboard using this port. Usually there are 4 to 8. It is used for hard disk drives where using SATA interface. Cable that is used is usually smaller than the IDE cable. SATA technology is growing rapidly, at this time is to reach the next generation of SATA-2 with data transfer speeds up to 3Gb/s.
  5. IDE Port : It is only found in old type of motherboard. That is used to install the hard disk drive and optical drives, it has an  large size of the cable width.
  6. Chip-set : A chip that regulates the data traffic on the system. There are 2 types of chip set with a different function with each other. North-bridge chip-set is located between the processor and RAM slots. This chip-set works so RAM and processor modules can work together (set of traffic data between the CPU and RAM). South-brigde chip-set is located on the bottom. Either the bottom of the processor or under the slot for graphics cards. Chip-set handle this work flow of traffic data from the graphics card, hard disk and other motherboard peripherals.
  7. AGP / PCI Express Slot : Used to install the graphics card. AGP slot is rarely found in the new type, because the resulting bandwidth is not sufficient for the needs of graphics at this time. Now, almost all motherboards use the PCI Express slot, with a larger bandwidth. In fact, there are motherboards that have up to 4 PCI Express slots.
  8. PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) : Is the place to put additional cards such as sound card, LAN card, TV tuner, and others. It is working at 33 Mhz frequency.
  9. BIOS (Basic Input Output System) : Form of software that is embedded in the motherboard where the energy supplied from the motherboard battery. All initial configuration of the hardware that is installed can be accessed and changed through the BIOS.

Many motherboard manufacturers other products that are complete with many additional features that will make the compatibility of various hardware increase.

Computer Parts Online

In today’s age, building computers on yourself is often chosen as the safest and choicest option by a sizeable part of the market for computers. There are various advantages and disadvantages for doing so.

When personal computers first entered the mass market, building a computer was an arduous and risky task. Getting the right computer parts was also difficult and without a guarantee. Putting the whole thing together was a risk because of the newness of the product as well as the absence of expert knowledge. But over the years, the market has understood the process of computer assembly and the heavy savings involved in making your own computer (you basically save on the branded company’s professional service charge for putting the computer together for you).

Customers are able to find everything needed to build a computer on the Internet. If you want to assemble the whole system at one go, you can get a barebone computer system and keep adding on later. Using quality but cheap computer parts is the key trick behind assembling computers.

There are thousands of cheap computer parts on the web today. A quick check list of the main components you need to build your computer is –

o CPUs (Processors)

o Hard Drives

o Graphics Card

o Monitors


o Mouse and Keyboards (other Input Devices)

o Batteries

o Cables & Adapters

o Communications and Connectivity tools

o Cooling Products

o Computer Bags & Cases

o Firewire Products


o Digital Cameras

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You can find any of almost all of these computer parts in Internet individually. Cheap computer parts are easy to find and pay for securely over Internet. There are also many sites and services that help you build these types of computers on a professional basis and get you started. These sites help you step-by-step through the process of building a good quality computer using cheap and high quality computer parts – often with illustrated instruction guides to show you how to put your new computer together.

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