Tudia released a new case that’s made of tempered glass on the back, not something you commonly see on an iPhone X case. We take a look at their Tamm and Merge series as well to see which one is right for you.

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Glost Case –


  1. What I always thought is that, glass cases would break and crack.. ?! I’m confused about new technology.. lol

  2. the merge case is worse than tamm simply because it's slippery. the tamm has good diamond pattern grips o neither sides. the removable plastic back on the merge case wont do shit in a drop

  3. The presentation, auditory cues, and quirky edits alongside your hilarious remarks had me clicking the subscribe button in seconds. Very unique content, keep it up!

  4. Your reviews/videos are so unique and great to watch! Please do post videos more often!

  5. These are cases from Wish and Alibaba. Random buyers just buy them in bulk and brand them a little and resell for 10 times the amount.

  6. Doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone buy a glass back which isn’t a clear glass. That’s why people would buy it so they get that naked look of the phone.

  7. I love the tudia brand, it's the grippy Ness of the hard plastic that floats my boat, like holding your girlfriend's hand is perfect description ?

  8. Cygnett Orbit For the Iphone7+/8+ please theres literally 0 reviews for it in youtube

  9. You didn’t say ANYTHING about wireless charging capabilities with any of these cases…..?

  10. I don't even have nor do I ever plan on getting an iPhone. But goddamn, these reviews are so entertaining for some reason.

  11. I don’t even care about phone cases but I love watching these reviews! He is a super underrated reviewer.

  12. Excessorize me do you have any iPhone 7plus shockproof cases you don’t want, like the rhino playproof case or something like that so you can give them to me please, thank you

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