The Patchworks Level Aegis Case is one of the more feature packed tough cases for the iPhone X. It’s got foam cushioned corners they call Poron XRD, air pockets lined throughout the edges, and a raised lip around the screen.

Pair if with their ITG Silicate Glass Screen Protector and you’ve got 360 degrees of coverage without breaking the bank.

The cases and review are sponsored by Patchworks but I had complete creative freedom and all opinions expressed are from my own…


  1. I hate the apple logo cutout but most spigen cases have it ;( I had to buy one with it ;c it's like ugh so ugly and also annoying and also part of the glass is now exposed

  2. Using this right now. Tough to choose between this and the Rhinoshield SolidSuit

  3. which iphone x case would u recommend in terms of drop test and grip,, uag pathfinder or patchworks level aegis cases??

  4. I got this for $5 during Black Friday sales. I only use the soft part though, the hard polycarbonate shell feels way too slippery

  5. I am using my rhinoshield mod x case atm.. nothing can beat this. But the patchwork screen protector looks got. But i stay to my belkin invisi Gorilla glass protector

  6. +EXCESSORIZE ME. did this case will be compatibile with 3d edge to edge screen protector?

  7. I'm third type. No case no protection at all!!!!! (call crazy if you want)

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