In this video i talk about the ultimate vlogging setup, the combination of the Joby griptight pro telepod, iphone X, Canon G7X mark II and the Rode video Micro. JOBY GRIPTIGHT PRO TELEPOD:

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Cable needed to conect to Iphone:

Canon 80D:
Rode video micro:
Canon G7X Mark II:
Iphone X:

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  1. Could you do a video showing how you use it vertically "portrait mode" with your microphone and/or lights? I ask because I have the tripod and I'm having a hard time with the iPhone staying level in this setup because the microphone keeps pulling it down. I would love to hear how you do it?

  2. if you take the camera mount off, and mount a gopro camera. does the mount swivel ??

  3. what external mic do you use for iPhone 10 and does it really block wind and pick up far away…just me talking or outdoor interviews? Also I can't seem to get the phone to TURN so that I can get angles, seems like the tripod legs stay in a place where the phone camera is between the V on the there a way to 180 degrees or even 90 Degrees on the swivel holder for top?

  4. It works up to 90ft. When you open the Bluetooth it should prompt you to connect to it. Try turning the Bluetooth off and on again if it’s not working

  5. How do you get the joby impulse Bluetooth button to get connected your iPhone X
    I’ve just bought this product and it just doesn’t seem to connect

  6. Great video. Watched about 30+ videos today on Joby products trying to figure out which one I need for my Canon G7X Mark ii and iPhone XS Max. Some videos had thousands of hits and this video was my favorite. You've got a great voice to listen to (and face). Not annoying like some others. And you're obviously a genuine cool dude. My favorite part was when you said to like or subscribe or "don't do anything at all". I immediately subscribed. =)

  7. hi, just found your channel tro your coment on Potato Jet channel, my channel is about tech too

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