Let’s figure out which Apple case is best for you – the grippy Silicone Case, luxurious Leather Case, or the wallet replacing Leather Folio Case?

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Silicone –
Leather –
Folio –




  1. when he tosses the phone and slaps them together gives me ANXIETY DUDE

  2. lol I was finding both of them for $15. They were OEM and barley even used. Then I thought that 15 was too expensive then just got a fake one from eBay. I'll tell you that it does not match with the Apple quality it's such cheap feeling makes it feel like a 10 year garbage bag. It's so bad that it was ripping after 1 week of use. Then 2 weeks of use it just broke off?. It was so bad. Learned my lesson to never ever ever get a fake item and also I should check the Retail value on the current market. So yeah whenever you see something affordable and you like it check the current market price and then if it fits in BUY IT!!!. I've made this mistake too many times. Also with getting a 2014 Macbook air 13" with a case and charger all for just $280. The market price was $490. So decided to just offer $250 and didn't get it.

  3. this man going into the details but when i buy it i literally just said to myself "hmm…this feels better when i sweat and its cheaper"

  4. Asians are bitchboys and know nothing about protection 2 billion of them is my point

  5. Haha best review ever! Looking into one of these cases, and been laughing for the last 5 minutes this helped me choose! Thanks, and subbed! 😀

  6. Silicone because i dont want to have a dead animal skin around my phone

  7. Your video is good but all the rough handling and throwing you did really bugs me. I couldn’t focus on the review. Thumbs down

  8. 2:24 that is straight BS. The corners of the silicone case chip of extremely easy. I have the silicone as well as the leather one and except for the patina (which may be considered „wear“) the leather one is far superior plus i get complimented all the time

  9. An Apple rep repeatedly dropped his phone face first from about 7-8 feet and proved that the leather case was in fact incredibly protective stating the material infused was designed by and used by NASA

  10. I just stumbled upon this guy and I already don’t like him ? idk why lol

  11. I couldn't pay attention to what was being said due to how many times it was just tossed around.. I was shook

  12. I’ve had my experience with both of them. Long story short, the leather case creates a patina and lasts super long (it’s grippy too). The silicone case is pure garbage. It wears off after some time and looks like shit, it doesn’t give you as much originality and grippiness in the long run, as the leather one does.

  13. I’m obsessed with the silicone case. Best case EVER!

  14. I have the iPhone xs max 64 gb silver with the black apple leather case and its really good

  15. "The age old Apple sheep question" LOL…I had to subscribe when I heard that. xD

  16. This was so damn entertaining! You need to keep it up. You will blow up eventually, I can see it.

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