Why I Went Natural – My 1 Year Hair Journey to 2020 "iPhone X Giveaway"

Hey, I’m Lurafey. I always wanted to make a YouTube Channel so I thought what better way to start than to share something a bit personal with you guys. So here goes… Get ready for my first Vlog about something we all have struggled with from time to time, THA HAIR! Please be nice, it’s my first time ~ xx Lurafey?

? Music Playing – 1st single coming soon ?
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  1. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ??? I've never won a single competition in my life and to win a brand new phone and an iPhone at that LOL WOW, I absolutely love your story and the song sounds amazing can't wait to hear it properly when it's released. wish I could contribute to the hair routine but as you can see I got no hair ???

  2. That's so awesome…. Mi think mi a did the only one weh nuh comb mi hair cause mi cyaa bother and love use water wen mi ago comb it.

  3. Your hair grows really fast for one year natural…
    Same way with mine i natural it back from cream about one year and 3 months now. Tbh i miss my cream hair sometimes because it was easier to comb ??

  4. Just keep doing all that you are in everything that your doing and nuh care what ppl say and just know I support you in anything you do.

  5. I've heard the story about the hair and I've also always like that your a natural girl and it's good that your still going on strong with the natural hair. And this video will help a lot of people to really look into theirselves

  6. That's my sister yo❤❤❤❤

    Lol am surprised peach didnt jump in??like how he like to stand in d circle of attention?❤

  7. OMG! You have lovely hair…keep up the good work n wonderful treatment… love the song, amazing ???

  8. Love it Im 5 years natural and still going strong your story sounds very similar to mine and I'm glad that your taking it stride

  9. Remember guys drop those tips below ? more giveaways coming soon XO Lurafey

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