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4 WAYS TO ENTER Follow these steps below to get a Free iPhone X:
1: Subscribe to this YouTube channel + leave a comment! (I’m picking a comment of a subscriber from our last 10 videos)

2: Share this video with your friends

3: Watch 10 videos and comment on each

4: Do all 3 task above for the best chance of wining

The long awaited Apple iPhone X with awesome features that beats all other phones in its category will and you can be the first to get a Free iPhone X by…


  1. Hi im from India and i already subscribe your channel in last 2 months and i hope i win ,i have a android phone 2 gb ram i want a better phone??????

  2. i am from jamaaica life is so hard right now wish i could win that now cause i dont have any phone

  3. Hey, my name is holly, i would love to win because i dont have enough money to buy a new phone, if you read this thank you so much! Keep up the positivity you are giving people by helping us with giveaways and great content, once again i hope i can win, love a big fan holly>..

  4. I live in pennsylvania plz i really need a phone soo bad i dont have one at all my mom has 6 kids man and camt afford a phone so plz man plz let me have this

  5. Hi my daughter live in Florida and she don't have a phone she can really do will with one

  6. I would really do well with one of those,am from Jamaica. Never own any of those before

  7. Am from Kingston Jamaica and I use carrier flow r digicel, and I would love to win it.

  8. I think it's awesome that you guys are doing this and giving away such high tech device to the selected respective person, may the best person wins, congrats in advance.

  9. This is awesome would love the be the winner iPhones are the best brand would love to own one for myself yes ?

  10. Hi I live in Jamaica and I'm in need of a phone I'm tired of using my brother's phone to talk to people sometimes he would get upset with me using it everytime so I would love if get a phone for myself so I don't have depend on his phone to communicate with my friends

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