Winning strategy to Roulette – Trick to Roulette Win

____________________________________________I Use For My studio
📌Apple IPhone XR-64 GB White $462.99:

✨Apple IPhone X,256GB-Space Gray $454 :

🌠Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop 14 Inch:
📍Wireless Portable PA Speaker System -1200W High Powered Bluetooth:

🎻Acer Aspire C24-865-UA91 AIO Desktop 23.8 inche :

🔥Air Conditioner-…


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  2. It is a really good idea when you want get the casino point for free room , shopping .
    Hahaha really good !
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  4. I like background music please share music Link or name please … roulette trick awesome …ur roulette guru…..thanks for tips.

  5. Your system will kick your Aas bank roll t8 søen . The is Best system is . Bet 300 in low Number (1-18) bet 200 3 dozen. Bet 50 in 0 .. bet 100 in 3 Lines ( 19-21) and 100 22 to 24 )

    The amont betteing is: 750

    If you win ( 1-18) =600
    3 dozen give you =600
    0 give you 1750
    3 Lines give you 1200

    Good Luck

  6. Nice game play as always my friend. Big 👍. We bet the same way. I lost so much money betting on straight up numbers. Yes u can win big. Lol. 😂😂 but the way you & me bet is the best way. I plY on sky roulette. I bet 1p corner bets = 3p per spin then two spins & dubbing up. U no .
    But I have done it at 10p or £1 per corner. Or shod day 1 unit or 3 units . But some mite not no that way of counting. Any way keep up the gaming. I only got 2 vids so far lol. Just started my son is the u tuner real, big gamer. Me I am just a dad trying to show people what it took me a long time to learn. Bet smart.
    Peace out my friend

  7. That is the best way to play roulette… and the best way I ever ever found on youtube well done you are smart man thank you… I really like it..pece

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